car insurence website which one

  Jameslayer 18:27 21 Jul 2012

Hi I have just pasted my driving test. And well frankly I know nuthing about cars. I am looking for a good website or two so I can check how much my insurence is going to be(roughly). As the running costs are more important to me than initial outlay.

  amonra 18:58 21 Jul 2012

Go onto the site and click on the Insurance tab at the top of the screen. Lots of useful info. Good luck. One recomendation, put your father or mother as a second driver, it does help.

  The Kestrel 08:42 24 Jul 2012

On the Autotrader website you can get an estimate or quote of the insurance cost, for any of the cars on sale there.

  birdface 09:31 24 Jul 2012

If you do not have a car yet it could be difficult getting a proper quote as they will ask for the registration details.

If you can get a quote using the Autotrader website that might be a good idea.If you are actually thinking of buying a car or selling a car from them check the scams first as autotrader will be the first to admit that it does happen on their site.

They do warn you but you have to search for the warnings.

Also some companys will let you pay for the insurance over 10 or 12 months without charging extra.other companys will charge extra so shop around for the ones that don't charge.

  spuds 11:01 24 Jul 2012

And consider that the cheapest quote, might have the biggest excess, voluntary or otherwise.

Run a quote check from a number of internet websites. Even the same insurance company can offer different quotes and terms, depending on which comparison website you use.

Perhaps a further pointer, when using these comparison websites. They act as agents, even though it may seem that you are dealing direct with an insurance company. So in some cases it might pay to go direct to the insurance company, and see if they will better the comparison website quote, possibly as a new customer (You would need to look up the direct telephone number, because the comparison website would perhaps use their own routing number at their sales section)?.

  Woolwell 11:34 24 Jul 2012

Further to spuds post - not all insurance companies appear on the comparison sites so try some of the sites independently.

  SB23 16:42 25 Jul 2012

First of all, congrats, but go to the insurer direct. I've been with the "doggy" insurer for about 10 years now, but with prices going up I had a look around, and by dealing direct with another I've saved over £200, and halved my monthly payments, and don't forget thats a factor aswell, whether you pay yearly lump sum or monthly.

  carver 19:45 26 Jul 2012

If you have parents still driving it may be worth while one of them checking with their insurance company first.

Sometimes the parent can get a cheaper quote for a sibling just by suggesting that they may have to change company's if they can't get a cheap quote for a sibling.

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