Car Batteries - Which?

  SparkyJack 14:34 28 Jun 2011

Looks like the car battery is on the blink -it is of unknown vintage - the car being 6/7 years old- it may be original who knows.

Anyway looking through the usual places to obtain a replacement I noticed that here are other types in addition to the conventional lead acid variety For Example - BOSH do a 'Silver' - is that the brand or actually silver?

Halfords offer Calcium maintenance free Any knowledgeable person among us who can advise?

  OTT_B 15:50 28 Jun 2011

The Bosch battery does indeed use silver in its construction (Bosch website)

But a quick google search on the price resulted in a definitive gasp! £100+ for a battery?????? Ok, maybe if it's a seriously high capacity unit, but for the vast majority of cars a much, much cheaper unit will do just fine. I'd take your existing battery to a local motorfactor, ask them to test it (making sure it's not the alternator at fault) then get a direct replacement.

  interzone55 16:41 28 Jun 2011

7 years out of a battery is good going.

Pop to halfords, they have a book that lists most car makes & models, along with suitable own brand & branded batteries.

If your car is petrol, and just a small run-about then don't spend much, but do as OTT_B says and get the alternator checked out.

If you have a diesel then you'll need a beefier battery. My new car has Stop-Start technology, and it looks like my battery could power a train, not looking forward to replacing it...

  birdface 17:36 28 Jun 2011

Halfords was a bit more expensive than most others that I tried a few years back.Shop around till you find the battery that you want at the cheapest price.

Some can be fairly expensive nowadays because of the metal contents.

I think you get a 3 year warrant with most.

  Covergirl 12:59 30 Jun 2011

Since I've been able to afford Halfords Calcium batteries, I have never used anything else.

Yes, they are slightly more expensive but they have a 4 year warranty and Halfords staff don't really give a toss - so if it's slightly faulty and within warranty (some code on the battery casing) they'll replace it without argument or question. They will even accept verbal evidence such as "I came to the car yesterday morning and the battery was dead and nothing was switched on and I did check".

I've bought plenty of batteries in the past - the worst ones are from Motor Factors or small garages with a non-descript brand name and the words "Super Heavy Duty" printed on them. PLEASE AVOID these at all costs.

One of the best ones I had was a blue coloured Varta with two handles. That must have lasted 10 years or more. I know that's no kind of record so nobody please get anal with me about batteries fitted in 1942 etc.

I've still got a "Halfords Lifetime Warranty" on a shelf in the garage but seeing as the car is gone I probably won't claim.

  Forum Editor 17:25 30 Jun 2011

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