Canon S630 printer refusing to print two colours

  New silver surfer 17:57 24 Oct 2003

My Canon printer will now only print black, and if I try to do any colour printing, only the magenta cartridge is responding. After contacting Canon I was advised to clean the print head 5 times in succession. If that didn't work, and assuming I had been using only Canon inks, they said that I probably needed a new print head.

I am a fairly new computer user, so the printer hasn't been used a lot, so I am surprised that a print head needs replacing so soon, but as I haven't been using Canon inks, I don't think I am going to get much help from Canon.

The cleaning process has not worked. At one point I wasn't managing to get anything printed, but have now got back the black.

An oddity is that since only printing in black, the blue and cyan cartridges have been shown as getting empty, and now are empty. Where has the ink gone if I haven't been able to print in colour?

Any suggestions please as to what I can do to get my colour back? As I am a novice user any advice would need to be in easy non-technical terms please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 24 Oct 2003

Take the cartridges out that are not printing and using a clean tissue, wipe their bases. If you can see colour then they are working. Canon cartridges are ultra-fiddly to seat properly, as I know from experience so be very careful in reseating them.

You could also try deleting the printer and re-installing. You could also have a couple of faulty cartridges and changing them may help. It is very unusual for Canon print heads to clog up or go AWOL.


  New silver surfer 18:01 25 Oct 2003

This is a follow up message from New Silver Surfer. Thanks for the tips. You gave me the confidence to have a bit of a fiddle about, and I eventually realised that I was not seating the cartridges in properly. Got them properly locked in now, and the print head re-aligned, and wonder of wonders, everything seems to be printing O.K. now. Thanks for the help. The problem was obviously caused by me and not the printer. Say no more!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:19 25 Oct 2003

Seating the cartridges is a real pain on Canons and I still get it wrong ;-))


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