Canon Printers: mp630 0r mp610?

  caddy79 14:23 29 Nov 2008

The mp630 is replacing the mp610 but is there any reason to buy the 630 while a few remaining 610 around? I've read in the rave reviews that they're much better on ink use/price so has the 630 got any big improvements or extra features to convince me to buy it?

I'm going to buy one of them asap but i just want to make sure i don't make the wrong decision.

Any help please.

Thanks in advance!

  wiz-king 17:13 29 Nov 2008

Not very helpful - but which ever you buy will be out of date and superseded in a couple of months and as printers are a 'throw away' item now days.
It depends if you want the scanning function of the mp630.

  caddy79 13:32 03 Dec 2008

bought the 610 - very happy.
Cheers all!

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