Canon Printer - Waste Ink Absorber

  Little Davel 10:00 10 Jul 2005

A couple of days ago I purchased a Canon Pixma IP4000 printer and it is wonderful ! Fab pics etc.

However a friend bought a Canon in the last few years and it ground to a halt one day - to be told by Canon CS it was a full Waste Ink Absorber !! This fills up during head cleaning and once full......the printer gets a nasty belly ache and stops ! Apparently it must go back to a service centre and the costs of postage etc are high !

I notice in the troubleshooting on the IP4000 its says you have to contact the service centre if an indicator blinks in a certain way...this means the dreaded waste ink absorber !

Has anyone else experienced this ? Maybe its just one in 10,000 ! or is there a way to sort this problem out economically ?

Thanks for reading this ...

  Forum Editor 10:06 10 Jul 2005

was with a client's printer. The ink absorber was full, and it turned out that she had been in the habit of cleaning the printer heads every week. That should not be at all necessary, and provided you only clean the printer heads when there's an obvious problem it will take a long time for the ink absorber to fill.

  Little Davel 11:36 10 Jul 2005

Thanks for that. So basically unlike Epson printers which appear to clean the heads every other time you switch on - the canon does not need such maintenance. That's good news ! Appreciated.

  Stuartli 12:56 10 Jul 2005

I have a nine-year-old Canon BJC 600e and one method I discovered to clean/reset the waste ink absorber is:

Unplug power cord
Hold power and FF and Print Mode buttons
Plug in power cord
Release after the beeps

  Stuartli 12:58 10 Jul 2005

Sorry, that should have been on separate lines:

Unplug power cord.
Hold power and FF and Print Mode buttons.
Plug in power cord.
Release after the beeps

  Stuartli 12:59 10 Jul 2005


  pj123 13:14 10 Jul 2005

Little Davel, for your information re your "unlike Epson printers which appear to clean the heads every other time you switch on" you are right. But I was told by Epson that to overcome the problem don't switch the printer off. It then doesn't run through the cleaning process every time.

I have two Epson printers which are never switched off and I don't have any problems. Maybe a good idea not to switch your Canon off!

  Stuartli 15:15 10 Jul 2005

If I don't switch my Canon off when not in use it goes through a restart routine each time I turn my system on.

  Little Davel 18:14 10 Jul 2005

So does the canon clean heads when you switch it on and/or when you switch the PC on ? Or do you instruct via software the printer to clean the heads ? would be useful to know re:waste ink absorber !cheers

  spuds 21:14 10 Jul 2005

You might find some information from click here

  Little Davel 21:37 10 Jul 2005

Thanks spud. Would love to know whether the canon cleans head auto or whether I do it manually.

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