Canon printer from Dixons box damaged by Securicor

  Kypros 14:36 05 May 2004

I have just signed for a Canon i455 printer in a cardboard box from Dixons delivered by Securicor Omega Express. He was in a rush so he left before I had really had time to check the box out.
Now I have found a very large dent in a bottom corner like it was hit very hard with something thin and flat but heavy.
I rang Securicor and they were uncommittal and challenged my version of events saying they would have to ask the driver if the box was damaged when he delivered it…….as if he would admit it.
I have sent Dixons an email telling them my problem.
A lady from Securicor has just rang and told me the driver admits “a small dent” in one corner……… is actually a horrendous dent and I cannot imagine what the printer must have received……….but she says that it is now between me and Dixons.
Can you tell me what my position is? I have paid for this printer as if it was mine, but I bought it for my elderly next door neighbour who gave me cash.
I will never buy anything online again.
Please can anyone advise/ suggest/ etc., ………and please without telling me the obvious “should have checked it before signing”.

  byfordr 14:44 05 May 2004

Give them a time limited to sort things out. If they get fresh set the dogs of war on them in the form of your credit card company.


  961 14:47 05 May 2004

Contact Dixons and explain the situation

I think in any event you have 7 days under distance selling regulations to return for any reason. Why not tell Dixons you wish to do that unless they sort out situation

If you use distance selling regulations I think you will normally be expectred to pay return carriage, but as I say, explain situation and see what happens

I am sure Dixons deal with many such happenings every day

  Stuartli 15:26 05 May 2004

Dixons should replace the printer (if it is damaged) and take up the matter with the courier on the question of redress/compensation.

You should always sign for deliveries as Contents Unchecked or similar wording to cover yourself - it's not always possible to check a delivery whilst the driver waits, especially as they have a job to do.

There is a big recent thread on the same subject but I can't find it at present. It may be an expansion of something different originally.

  mikeyb59 16:13 05 May 2004

Is the printer ACTUALLY damaged?

  hector 911 16:56 05 May 2004

if you haven't looked inside yet have a look there is quite a lot of polystyrene protecting printer against damage, try the printer if it doesn't work or damaged ask for a replacement

They will arrange for pickup of the item, most online retailers are quick, these things do happen........................

  mole44 17:10 05 May 2004

i sign for lots of parcels,i always check them and put on the paperwork any not rush your item check as once you`ve signed with nothing to indicate any damage you`ll have a job proving it even if the delivery man is presurising you to sign.

  ened 17:24 05 May 2004

I 'm not sure I would want something which had obviously suffered such a heavy impact even if it did appear undamaged. Who knows what long-term damage might have been done to the intricate stuff inside.

  johnnyrocker 18:03 05 May 2004

doubt you could in the future claim failure as a result of impact.


  Kypros 18:26 05 May 2004

Thanks for your collective advice and sorry I didn't get back until now. I decided to unpack the printer and see what it's like. It works perfectly OK so I'm risking it. Dixons did offer to replace it, so that is a good ad for them.
With the problems over the CTX monitor the same day, I didn't want to have it replaced.
By the way, it's a great printer.

  Forum Editor 18:45 05 May 2004

have a relatively low mass related to their size, and the protective packing is usually very good indeed. These two factors combine to give a low risk of actual damage when the package is dropped or knocked - printer manufacturers have plenty of experience when it comes to knowing about delivery risks.

It sounds as if your printer has escaped unharmed - if it works well now I'm sure it will continue to do so.

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