Canon MX320 only printing yellow

  cruiser2 18:30 02 Aug 2013

Have a Canon MX320 All In One printer. It will now onl;y print black and yellow. Have cleaned the nozzles several times bit his doesn't solve the problem. The printer is nearly three years old and I have never had this problem before. I use it mainly to print documents including leters. May do 30 in one day and then nothing for several days.

  alanrwood 09:02 03 Aug 2013

The colour cartridges for the otherb 2 colours have not run out have they. If you have some small weighing scales remove each an d weigh them (Usually about 32 gr when full and 23 when empty on my Epson)

If they are all OK then you have blocked jets almost certainly. Try cleaning several more times. i also fin d that leaving it for 12-24 hours after cleaning sometimes results in the jets becoming clean.

Failing that it may be worth looking online via Google for jet cleaning kits which I have used with some success.

Finally if that fails the Canon may have removable jet assembly. One cost me around £25 on my old Canon.

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