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Canon MP490

  Edbanger 09:14 26 Oct 2010

In March this year I purchased the Canon Pixma MP490 from a Staples store near where I live.

Since then it as developed a printing fault.

I have contacted Canon and tried their various ideas to rectify the fault, but without success.

What I would like to know is who is responsible for the faulty machine? As it is only just over 7 months old,is it Canon or Staples?

Canon has said that if I can't rectify the fault I should send it at my own expense to a technical company in Essex to verify that is an under the Guarantee repair.


  recap 09:31 26 Oct 2010

"If more than six months have gone by, things change. You might still get a repair or replacement, but now you'll have to prove that the item was faulty when you bought it if the retailer disputes your claim."

Extracted from: click here

  Edbanger 14:48 26 Oct 2010

I've returned the printer to my local Staples store, who say they will have a look at it to see if they kind find what the fault is.

I showed them 3 sheets of A4 with different combinations of misaligned and blurred printing,so I am just hoping for a satisfactory result.

I'll leave this open till I get a reply from Staples.

Thanks to all those who replied with help.

  Edbanger 12:02 30 Oct 2010

I've been back to Staples today to enquire about the printer.
They have tried various print combinations and are getting the same results as myself.

They are now going to send it back to Canon for repair which will take 2 or 3 weeks.

On asking for a replacement machine, I was told that my warranty was with Canon and not Staples.

You would think a printer would last longer than 7 months without developing a fault.

  Edbanger 08:20 31 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice.

I don't expect much from Staples, as they said they would contact me when they had tested it.

I think that my contact details had been lost as the shop assistant did not know who it belonged to.

  Edbanger 16:10 04 Nov 2010

I returned to Staples today to check on the progress of my printer, only to find after quite a bit of searching by a salesman, that it was still in the store and had not been sent to Canon for repair.

After some arguing about the lack of service, the salesman agreed that this was not satisfactory, and replaced the faulty printer with a new one.

So a good result. I just hope this one lasts longer than 7 months.

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