Canon iP4700 - Genuine vs compatibles vs CISS

  PCSheps 21:13 19 May 2010

Your opinions please!

We have recently purchased a Canon iP4700 and have come to the end of the first batch of ink cartridges.

For the record, they lasted a few weeks only, but during this time were used a moderate amount for full colour photo printing. I would prefer them to last longer of course but I am not shocked or surprised at how soon they have run out. However, now I know how long they do last I would prefer not to pay for the expensive genuine cartridges if the alternatives are of an equal quality. I am also of the opinion that the longer a catridge lasts (some compatibles actually contain more ink) then this is also a little better for the environment. CISS sounds good for this reason too, and for cost.

So it comes down to quality, and for this I would very much like you to share your opinions please! Have you tried compatibles or a CISS system in the Canon iP4700 and if so what has your experience been? Where have you bought your compatibles / CISS from?

I will be delighted to hear from you.

Many thanks

  jack 12:06 20 May 2010

Are usually of the 'Light' type
That is only partially filled to get you started.
One reason for this[apart from the obious] is that Cartridges have a shelf life- and who knows how long long the printer in question has been in transit to the end user-shipping-warehouse-sales point.
The answer to your question -original-compats -CISS[if available of that particular machine]
simply depends on the volume of work you expect to throughput.
If this machine follows the Canon normal style of being a Thermal Inkjet[Where the print head is part of the cartridge]- then CISS may not be an answer because the heads do 'burnout' in time and therefore a cartridge will needed.

CISS is more suited to Epson type machines where the head is of the piezo type and integrated in the machine.

  keef66 12:13 20 May 2010

In my Canon ip4600 (and the ip3000 before it, and one I can't remember before that)the print head is separate from the cartridges.

The cartridges supplied with the printer were full ones.

I'm sticking with Canon replacements because I think compatibles buggered up the last printhead, and buying a new head almost costs more than a printer.

  Confab 12:23 20 May 2010

If you can't use a CISS system then have you thought of these? click here

I use them for my Epson and they have saved me a small fortune.

  jakimo 13:01 20 May 2010

My link is worth a read,....keep in mind that if your prints are for the family photo album ,then longevity will be your priority,so use original inks and paper

click here

  donki 13:36 20 May 2010

I have a seller on Ebay I get all my ink off, I am a keen amateur photographer and I have never had a problem with my iP4300. A full set of five cost me £5.68, chips included. I have been buying off there for a few years and never had a problem. Saved me an absolute fortune when you think of the prices paid for oridginals which hold less.

  PCSheps 17:32 20 May 2010

Thank you all so much for your very helpful responses. Jack, it had occured to me that the cartridges supplied with the machine may be 'light' but you have convinced me this is the case. It seems obvious now you have explained why!

CISS is available for this machine and the print head is not a part of the cartridge (keef66 you are quite right there). However thinking about the volume of printing we do, while above the average user, I'd say CISS was unecessary for us.

Confab, thanks for the link... definitely worth a look for the greener angle as well as cost. Although I wonder if my empty cartridges can be filled in the same way as I know they can be refilled at Cartridge World...

Jakimo, your link is also great and well worth the read. Longevity is not a priority for us so I'm still comfortable with compatibles.... but it's good to know should we ever want to print the odd thing 'for keeps'.

Donki... great to be reassured that buying compatibles doesn't mean problems (though I guess it depends on the supplier of the compatibles). Glad you've found a good one!

In the end I bought a full set of compatibles, and although I looked around online, for speed I bought a set off the shelf in Cartridge World. I was reassured that the box shows they are suitable for the iP4700, when even the Canon originals have not yet got round to updating their packaging! So, my point being they haven't sat on the shelf for months and are presumably nice and new.

The print test was faultless and the first attempt at a photo is just printing now... lovely!! So far success, with a multipack of 'Radinks'.

Thanks again all!

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