Canon iP4600 / similar printer - which inks?

  GaT7 16:15 28 Oct 2009

Hi All,

I have a Canon iP4600 printer (click here) & need to purchase inks for the first time.

The compatible inks are mentioned in the specs at click here.

My questions are:

1. Can I install only a BLACK ink cartridge, as I don't plan to do any more colour/photo printing? (Too expensive because of similar problem as mentioned at click here).

2. I've seen some cartridges being sold with a 'chip' & some without. Which ones should I be getting & why?

Any help appreciated. G

  beeuuem 19:02 28 Oct 2009

1/The printer needs all the cartridges inserted to work. In theory you could leave the empty colour cartridges and override the level sensor though this means you lose that function.

2/ The chipped ones should work 'out of the box'. Unchipped ones require you to remove the chip from the old cartridge and put them on the new cartridge. This can be fiddly as they have to be perfectly aligned and unless you buy a re-setter the level sensor also will need to be disabled.

I use a CISS on my IP4500 and it just works. It has been topped it up once in 18 months.

  GaT7 19:08 28 Oct 2009

Thanks beeuuem, that's very informative.

I'll try leaving the empty colour cartridges in & see if it works that way. And I'll go for the chipped ones to be on the safe side.

Where do you buy your CISS from? And do you recommend any particular make? G

  johnem 20:00 28 Oct 2009

I have the same model Canon printer and get cartridges from here.
click here
First class service and good value. I ahve not noticed any difference in the quality of the output. Hope that this might help.

  jellyhead 20:40 28 Oct 2009

I got my last cartridges from click here= and have had good results.

  TopCat® 20:41 28 Oct 2009

Don't leave the empty cartridge in for too long though, as as its nozzle in the printhead below it could dry out and block up.

Those chips are easy to change over by gently using a fine pair of tweezers. Use surgical gloves as well to avoid ink-stained fingers. TC.

  beeuuem 20:52 28 Oct 2009

I bought my CISS from click here. There are others though I think cityink are competitive for the system and inks.

  GaT7 20:59 28 Oct 2009

Thanks johnem, jellyhead & beeuuem, I'll consider them. I don't know if I can resist getting something from eBay though!

Will keep that in mind TC - thanks for the warning & chips tip.

johnem, have you ever tried just the black cartridge on its own, or along with empty colour ones? The latter is probably not a good idea as TC says.

Also, does your iP4600 have the habit of automatically cleaning the heads each time just after switching on, or just before a fresh print job? I.e. similar to the complaint in this thread click here, but in reverse order? It happens with mine & seems an unnecessary waste of ink. G

  johnem 13:52 29 Oct 2009

Have not tried to use the printer with just the black cartridge in.
If you wish to save on coloured ink when printing text only, go inot properties and select "grey scale", this will prevent the colours being used to enhance the "black" print colour.
My printer does much the same as you suggest and re-cleaning is more noticeable when one of he cartidges is getting low on ink. I have tried leaving the printer turned on between pruint runs and also switching off at the end of each print run, does not seem to make any difference.
I am waiting for the next problem to be manifested when the ink catching "sponge" becomes overfull. Hopefully not for a while yet. Otherwise it seems to give very good print results.

  GaT7 15:00 30 Oct 2009

johnem, I thought printing in grey scale might help, so thanks for the confirmation.

Ah, so it's just not my iP4600 that repeatedly cleans its head then!

Yes, it does indeed give a good quality print. G

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