Canon inkjet printer i850 ?

  kenston 16:33 27 Dec 2003

PcAdvisor top-list it (PcADv... Feb.issue)
Dabs advertises it (PcAD.. Feb.issue)
But nobody is selling it- or are they ?? Where can I buy one ?

  sdf 17:21 27 Dec 2003

i dont know the price difference - but the i865 is fantastic and no.1 in pca charts

  wint 17:21 27 Dec 2003

I think that the i865 has replaced the i850.

I bought an i865 from Dabs, their site shows that they are expecting a delivery of 30 in the next 1 - 3 days.
click here

PC World also show the i865 in stock. A little cheaper than Dabs too.

  wint 17:24 27 Dec 2003

I agree with sdf, the Canon i865 is the best printer I have had so far. The advertised price seems to be very similar too - except the i850 doesn't appear to be available...

  minter 19:27 27 Dec 2003

The Canon i850 is dead, long live the i865.

The Canon i850 has been superceded by the i865, a much improved version. It is capable of printing direct to CDs, and has a 6x4 photo tray so that you do not need to keep changing the paper in the carrier. More importantly it gives superb results of photos, and quality letters, etc.

Has 5 inks (2x black, yellow, magenta and cyan).
Have recently purchased both i865 and i965 (supposed to be the best). I personally think that for general printing the i865 is the better buy.

Have a look at click here. I got the i865 for £147 inc. VAT and PP.

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