Canon Camera to PC

  ChasNoel 14:45 02 Nov 2013

I have a Canon digital 35mm camera with a lot of photos and I do not want to hand it in to a photographer. Can anyone tell me how to download the contents of the memory stick onto my HP computer so that I can be selective about the ones I want to print?

  Forum Editor 15:07 02 Nov 2013

This is an easy job, provided your computer has a slot on the front that will accept your camera's memory card.

Tell me which Canon camera you have, and the model number of your HP computer, and the rest will be easy.

  ChasNoel 16:27 02 Nov 2013

Sadly there is no slot in the printer as I had in my Dell. I now have a HP 600B Microtower with Windows 7 Professional. My printer is a HP with no slots at all and the only slots I have in the PC are two USB slots and a slot for an SD or MS card. I have connected the camera to the PC using a cable but cannot find out how to download the pictures.

  iscanut 18:05 02 Nov 2013

Best place for this is Tech Help but hope this helps. You already have what you need. Two ways. Take the SD card from the camera and insert it into the SD slot on the computer. It will only fit in one way. Then click on My Computer and you will see a new Drive letter which corresponds to the SD card. Open it up and you will see your photos. Open another window from "My Photos" and the drag and drop the photos you want to keep or just select ALL and copy/move the lot over. You can also use the memory stick if the photos have been copied to it. Just insert the stick in a USB slot and use the same method as above. The memory stick will show as a new drive letter. Also when you connect the camera to your pc, use the same method again as the camera should show as a new drive. Come back to us if necessary if more help wanted.

  ChasNoel 19:01 02 Nov 2013

Sadly, the memory stick is much too big to fit into the slot on the PC. Nor will it fit into a USB slot. I sis write to Canon and got a reply from a guy who says he can fix it easily but he wants paid to do it.

  chub_tor 19:09 02 Nov 2013

Some older Canon cameras used Smart Media cards (I have one myself), if you buy a card reader similar to this you should be able to plug it into a usb port on your pc and transfer the pictures that way.

  onthelimit1 19:12 02 Nov 2013

Do you not have a lead to connect camera to USB? If so, install the free Picassa from Google which is a very easy way to transfer, email, print etc.

  chub_tor 19:15 02 Nov 2013

Another thought, if you have the cable to connect the camera to the card and you switch the camera on do you hear the bingbong of the usb connection being established? If so you should be able to find the camera in My Computer and open the picture files that way. You may have to wait a while for Windows to download the camera driver.

  hssutton 21:37 03 Nov 2013

The easy way is to use Canons own editing software. If you bought your camera new then you will have received a CD/DVD containing all the editing software you require. With this software installed on your PC your images will be automatically recognized and loaded onto your PC. If you do not have the software disk you can download the software direct from Canons site EOS CamerasYou will be required to enter the serial number of your camera to proceed, this can be viewed on the base of your camera

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