Canon A95 reviews

  loopyloo 16:29 29 Dec 2004

I am interested in buying the above camera and would like to know if anyone has this camera and what they think of it.

  slim 65 16:58 29 Dec 2004

Have a look here for comprehensive review click here

  anchor 17:14 29 Dec 2004

I have looked at the sample images and they are excellent!

I have the 5Mpixel Canon S50 and can certainly confirm Canon`s high quality imaging.

  loopyloo 17:19 29 Dec 2004

I also would like to now if I buy a canon camera will it work ok with my HP photo printer which I got for Christmas.

  anchor 14:27 30 Dec 2004

I am not quite clear what you mean. If your printer has a dedicated memory card slot, then it would need to be suitable for Compact Flash cards; the type used by the Canon.

Of course, any colour printer will be suitable for printing images direct from the PC. I would recommend that in any case you transfer the pictures from the memory card to the PC first, (a card reader is ideal for this, and is very cheap). This give the opportunity to make any changes necessary with the picture, before printing. That`s the way I prefer to do it.

  deke 15:47 30 Dec 2004

Have a look at this page ,I am still undecided but am leaning towards the canon,I also liked the look of the Fuji 7000.


  deke 15:48 30 Dec 2004

here is the link i forgot to add.

  deke 15:48 30 Dec 2004
  bunz 18:27 30 Dec 2004

I got the A85 as a christmas pressie and it is great, got a mate with an A95 and she is chuffed to bits with it.

It's going to take me a while to learn everything about it, but in the meantime the Auto mode takes great photos anyway.

Highly recommended :-)

  bunz 18:28 30 Dec 2004

This link was really helpful when I was choosing mine: click here

  Charence 19:12 03 Jan 2005

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