Canon 40D up grade to What?

  Ex plorer 16:08 22 Jul 2013

I was thinking of up grading the Canon 40D. My main use is photos only, I am not not interested in video or how good it may be.

I must admit I am struggling to find any of the new canons a viable up date but would appreciate any comments.

I have spent a couple of days reading up on the latest Canons available, 60D, 70D, 7D.

What I don't have are canon L lenses, But I researched for the best I could afford at the time buying what I have now.

Canon 28x80 58 (44 x 128mm) canon Zoom lens 70x300 IS (112 x 480mm) Sigma Zoom 170x500 1.5 6.3 APO very good at f8 (272 x 800mm) Sigma Macro 105mm 1.28 EX (168mm) Tokina Wide angle SD 12x24 F4(IF DX) (19 x 38mm)

So would I be better of upgrading with the lenses instead of a camera.

The camera is used for the fun of taking photos when I get out and about. Printing A4 and cropping, Its a hobby but do want to improve and and keep pace with the camera race..

I have looked at the possibility of a high end compact also to put in the pocket just to confuse matters further. But the DSLR update is important.

  Ex plorer 14:45 24 Jul 2013

I cant seem to better the 40D at the moment with any new Canon for just photograph taking.

I think I will update my lenses with stabilizing save lugging the tripod around.

One will be the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 OS, and at a later date the Sigma macro f2.8 105mm OS.

looking at the 60D 70D. The 7D, I will wait and see what follows.

Plus points weather sealed camera. More focus points.
Better maximum light sensitivity. Slightly more mega pixel. View finder better coverage.
Better ISO Doubled.

Neither have the magnesium body and that's a bit of downer just plastic on a frame.

No doubt GPS will follow and wyfi not that it will improve picture quality.

The rest of the improvements seem to go to the live view flip out touch screen etc. and video. All looks impressive but wasted on me.

  Forum Editor 23:01 24 Jul 2013

I use a 40D, and have always been very pleased with it. One of my brothers is a professional photographer, and when I asked him the same question as you he said 'stay with the 40D, it's superb, and you would simply be paying more money for a camera that gave you no appreciable advantages'.

Choice of lenses can obviously make a big difference.

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