Cano G2 digital camera - poor photos

  shifty 21:35 05 Jun 2003

Has anyone else had experience of the Canon G2 camera. I have recently purchased one mainly for it's capabilities as a manual camera. I have just taken some pictures with the Canon camera and also with my original Fuji camera to compare, and the Fuji images are 50% better. The Fuji images at 1.3 mega-pixels are crystal clear and in focus virtually through to infinity, but the canon images at 4.0 mega-pixels look blured and out of focus. Is this the normal quality for the Canon or is it a case of return it to supplier?

  gill 21:56 05 Jun 2003

Hi shifty, I have recently aquired a Canon G2 and whist I haven't yet completely mastered it I must say that the results are fantastic. Clear and sharp as a pin. This was my first dip into the Digital photo market and I was pleasantly supprised. I am used to high class images because for many years I have used Nikon camera's.Perhaps you should consider taking it back if you are sure that you have tried all the options and still don't decent results. Gill.

  davidg_richmond 00:54 06 Jun 2003

Blurred and out of focus - i suppose you could try changing the focus setting (centre-weighted or spread), checking that the lens is clean and that the shutter speed is set to a reasonable level for the shot. Failing that, have a word with Canon or with the shop you purchased it from. In my experience I have found that the G2 and G3 take excellent photos, so if the above factors are taken into account then there may be a problem with the camera you have received.

  anchor 14:27 06 Jun 2003

Read the review of the camera here

click here

This camera "should" give superb results. I see that it has a manual focus option; check this is off. Also, the auto focus has various settings, called Image modes. Check the setting here; auto would be a good start. I am sure that you have verified that the lens is perfectly clean.

Sorry if you have already looked into these points, but if the settings are correct, it does suggest something may be wrong with the camera.

  shifty 17:06 06 Jun 2003

Well it looks like I have got a duffer so it's going back for replacement. Thanks alot to you all for your feedback.

  shifty 20:05 08 Jun 2003

Took the camera back this morning, the lense was detected as the most likely fault. Came away with a new replacement which so far is doing the biz, Sorted. Thanks again.

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