Cannot Turn Off AVG Automatic Renewal

  Red Devil 11:08 29 Jul 2013

Hi all,

I purchased AVG for my 2 PCs on a 2 year licence in December but have become increasingly discontent with the product over the last couple of months.

I decided to switch to Avast free and to cancel the automatic renewal of AVG but that is where I hit problems.

I can log in to my AVG account. I can open up the orders page where the option to cancel automatic renewals is.

But - surprise, surprise - when I click on the button to turn this off, the page then "hangs" and refuses to load. If I attempt to go back to the start of this process I see that automatic renewals is still activated.

I have tried to contact AVG Support about this but can never get either an answer or reply to my enquiries.

Has anyone else had this issue and/or has any advice on how to resolve this as, even though I have 18 months to cancel my renewal of AVG, I would like to do so as soon as possible?

Many thanks.

  spuds 11:41 29 Jul 2013

There seems to be a few comments and solutions about this via a Google search. Not sure if it will resolve the problem, but possibly worth a try. One is from AVG to either contact AVG customer support or check their Q&A website page click here another AVG's possible solution?. click here


  spuds 11:44 29 Jul 2013

PCA cremlins at work. "Here's" should have been after the first 'click here', and before "another"?.

  Red Devil 14:35 29 Jul 2013


Tried both of those.

Already tried AVG's "advice" for cancelling auto renewal of AVG AV. It doesn't work and scores of people have the same issue from what I see.

Tried phoning their freephone support number in the UK.

No answer.

Tried emailing their support.

No reply for more than 2 weeks now.

This seems to be a very common issue looking at the answers that come up from a Google search.

I am not surprised tbh. They seems a company with some very dubious "practices".

Too many false positives.

Scaremongering tactics when your renewal is due (I got a popup just before renewal telling me I had over 6000 registry errors and needed to renew ASAP in order to "fix" them. Norton did the same to me and is one reason why I cancelled my subscription to Norton).

Too hard to remove the product when you don't want it any more. The basic unistaller wouldn't even start. The uninstaller you could download from their site didn't even begin to remove the product. I lost count of the number of hours I spent hunting down AVG files on my HD and inspecting my registry for AVG entries before I could "clean" my PC of the product. On my mum's PC I ended up having to completely reformat and reinstall Windows on her HD to get rid of AVG. Even Norton wasn't as difficult to remove and that used to be notorious for the difficulty in removing).

I will try their support phone number once more but if I get no answer again or no joy then I will consider taking my issue to someone like Trading Standards or whoever has jurisdiction.

I find it hard to believe that myself - and a lot of others - are finding that the only page on their website that has issues is the one for cancelling your renewal of the product.


  Red Devil 14:38 29 Jul 2013

Hi again,

Forgot one other thing I didn't like about AVG.

That it demanded I uninstall my firewall - Comodo - every time it updated itself or the updater would quit.


  Red Devil 22:31 29 Jul 2013


Thanks for replying but it's not uninstalling it that's the issue - it's not being able to cancel the auto renewal of my subscription.

But thanks for the suggestion,


  Forum Editor 17:24 31 Jul 2013

I have experienced the same problem as you - trying to turn off the automatic renewal produces a hung page.

I'm investigating further.

  Red Devil 17:59 14 Aug 2013

Hi all,

Thanks for that FE - it seems to be a big issue with AVG from looking on their own forum.

As an update, though, I posted on their forum about this issue and have been informed that they have manually cancelled my auto renewal.

Shouldn't have to go through that palaver, though, so I hope your investigation bears fruit.


  Forum Editor 20:25 15 Aug 2013

"I hope your investigation bears fruit."

So do I, I've written to the AVG Press office.

  tony.anscombe 03:35 17 Aug 2013

Hi All

The forum moderator has informed us about this issue and I would like to assure this community that we are looking into this.

In the meantime, if you want to change your auto-renewal subscription and cannot use the web to do so, please feel free to contact our Customer Care billing team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 0800 072 1796.

We listen to customers' feedback very closely and you can always share your comments with us via our free Customer Care. Our team welcomes feedback from our users and carefully monitors all submissions for common questions and new customer trends which helps us improve AVG's products and services.

Tony Anscombe
AVG Technologies

  Forum Editor 09:34 17 Aug 2013


Thank you for your prompt response,Tony; it's reassuring to know that our readers and forum members can cancel automatic renewal by phone, but obviously it would be far better if you could simply make the online cancellation process work properly.

I have experienced the frustration of not being able to cancel via the web, and if you are going to place links in renewal emails - as you do - it makes sense to ensure that the system works properly. I hear you when you say that you are "looking into this", but surely it's a simple matter in terms of site coding, isn't it?

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