Cancelling Broadband

  ened 17:36 09 Oct 2008

I shall try to keep this brief.

My Father has not lived in his house for eighteen months but has been paying Orange for BB all that time.

I am with AOL but will shortly be moving to his house.

Today he telephoned Orange to CANCEL the BB which he isn't using anyway.

He was told (If he understood correctly) this would take 30 days but they are sending him a MAC.

He just wants the line free but am I to understand that if I give AOL the mac when I am ready to move then it will aide the transition?

I am trying to work out if they are being helpful or not. They won't speak to me because it is not my account.

Hope this makes sense!

  RobCharles1981 17:54 09 Oct 2008

"this would take 30 days but they are sending him a MAC"

No, AOL should send the Mac to you within 5 days or less, if that Mac didn't come you need to report to Ofcom.

So are you rejoining AOL at your new address??

If that is correct, don't bother go here click here to Samknows and fill in the blanks.

When it comes up copy and paste what it says is avalible and your exchange.

Do you connect via a router if so what one? If yes go click here and find your line Stats to determine your actual speed.

  ened 17:59 09 Oct 2008

They have said the mac will arrive in 2/3 days.

I am not completely sure what was said but I believe they are trying to be helpful.

I need to change the BT account (at his/my new address) to my name and I intend to stay with AOL.

I was hoping the line would be clear but am trying to ascertain if this is the best way of doing it.

  ened 18:20 09 Oct 2008

Another question:

Is a mac tied to a telephone number or a person or both.

If I say to AOL that on */*/08 I am moving and here is the mac for the new address, will it be accepted?

  Pine Man 19:19 09 Oct 2008

I stand to be corrected but I think the sequence of events should be;

Your father cancels his membership of Orange immediately.

Your father contacts BT to see if the account can be transferred to you and if not he cancels and you take out a contract with BT.

You contact AOL to see it you can transfer your account to your new address.

I don't think MAC's are involved at any stage of this transfer.

  ened 06:20 10 Oct 2008

"I don't think MAC's are involved at any stage of this transfer."

I didn't think so either and I would agree with your suggested sequence.

But I can't seem to get an answer - the Indian from Orange said we need the mac and AOL say the situation will be complicated if the line isn't clear.

  Pine Man 08:40 10 Oct 2008

If your father cancels Orange they will have to remove their connection at the exchange. That releases the line for you, a new occupant of the property, to have your choice of BB provider install their equipment at the exchange.

My daughter has recently moved to a new house and this is what the old occupants did before they left and my daughter did on arrival. This is no different to your scenario except that you are related to the old occupant. Unfortunately it does take a bit longer this way.

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