Is Canada cheaper

  joebloggs1 01:07 20 Mar 2005

Visiting Canada soon - does anyone know ig items like Game Boy Advance SP or Nintendo DS etc are a lot cheaper out there

  rickf 10:22 20 Mar 2005

Was there last year. Can't tell you about the specific items you mentioned but my impression was that things were around 15% to 20% cheaper. At least the items I looked at. Bought an Epiphone Electric Guitar and saved around £60. The shop was really keen to sell and the service was excellent. They did not have the one I wanted and got one to delivered from another branch some 200 miles away the next day for me. How's that for service.

  Salinger 11:25 20 Mar 2005

You can check some prices here click here

  Salinger 11:27 20 Mar 2005

You might need this, too click here

  spuds 13:35 20 Mar 2005

Remember to take the following into consideration, before you purchase,as these suggestions may prove a deciding factor on any return to the UK. Warranties not transferable,Credit card consumer rights not applicable, import duties, possible extra baggage allowances and airport/aircraft security. Remember that certain computer related items may have an export/import restriction imposed.

Sounds bad, but that bargain and few pounds/dollars saved, can turn out to be a problem after you have that great purchase.

  sunny staines 15:04 20 Mar 2005

in some parts of canada sales tax is not added till you get to the till. graphics cards are a lot cheaper there.

  Salinger 18:18 20 Mar 2005

I forgot about the Sales Tax, You can add 15% to all the prices quoted (Ontario) 8% Government + 7% provincial.

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