Can you suggest a PC to record my own music?

  sav 16:36 26 Feb 2003

I'm not at all sure what I need to consider. I want to be able to record music from guitar via software such as Cubasis.

What can you suggest as regards to Hard Disk size, Memory, Soundcard etc.?

What do I need to consider?

Budget = £800 (excl. Monitor).

Sorry if I'm a bit vague (I'm not a computer whizz!).


  sav 17:01 26 Feb 2003

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  powerless 17:03 26 Feb 2003

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  sav 17:27 26 Feb 2003

Thanks Powerless

  Forum Editor 19:43 26 Feb 2003


  musicbassman 21:54 28 Feb 2003

Suggest you look at the specialist magazines such as Computer Music for a few months to get an idea of the sort of features you need to be looking for. Sorry, but £800 exc monitor is a weensy bit optimistic - priority is a specialist soundcard such as Audiophile 2496 which is £150+ gone straight away. Maybe you could look for an older secondhand complete system including software which someone has already used for a couple of years so all the bugs have been ironed out - hopefully! Have fun.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 28 Feb 2003

To do this using a computer you are looking at £1500+ with dubious sound and effect control options.

A better way is to invest in a portable mini-studio (click here) and then edit the files using Sound Forge or similar. You should be able to pick up a decent 4 track quite cheaply and then transfer the files to CD then edit on the computer. You would not need an expensive computer for this (£800 ish) and the sound quality is oodles better as you can monitor and change the final output through the recorder. There has been a few recordings that have purported to have been recorded directly to computer such as Corner Shops' hit but I feel that the final mix was done the Tascam way and the computer recording was merely used a sa sound reference.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:17 28 Feb 2003

ps...a decent pair of monitor speakers are a necessity and these can be linked to the desk so that you can hear the final take as it should be heard. If you are set on using a computer then a Mac is probably a better option (£2k for a tooled up G4)with a sennheiser microphone.


  Kyomii 03:07 01 Mar 2003

A freind of mine who has his own local group that play countrywide has been using a soundblaster live 5.1 with front panel and MS win 98 and a 700Mhz processor for the last two to three years and before that, used a 233 (although this was slow) for about five years or so.

He has all his music stuff - large mixer and powerful speakers hooked up to the system when recording and uses Cubasis and has never had a problem with quality of recordings or sales.

He records and copies, edits and burns all his own music CDs (with videos to support songs) to sell and has been doing this since his first computer with a X2 writer.

  sav 22:30 01 Mar 2003

Thanks to everyone for their input. I looks like I got a bit more research to do.

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