Can you help me find a laptop?

  Anti_Virus 09:02 24 Oct 2008

Hi there. I'm currently looking for a laptop, and have thus far been unsuccesful in finding one for the right price that suits my needs. If anyone can help and suggest one, or a site that would find them for me, that would be much appreciated.

What I want is a very lightweight and portable laptop, preferably under 2kg. Screen size anything between 8" and 14"

I'll be using it for word processing, internet usage and watching movies.

Now while many of the new "netbooks" featuring the Intel Atom processor fit the bill, none that I found had a DVD+-RW Drive, which is very important. While I do use USB Drives, I still rely on transfering data using Optical Discs, plus the added benifit of watching a movie once the working day is done.

High battery levels would be a bonus, but to be honest, eniugh to watch one film would be fine.

And finally, the price, which may prove to be the stumbling block on my quest: I'm looking for one below £500. Preferably around the £300-£400 mark.

Maybe you can see why my search has been fruitless so far...Is there a laptop for that price that fits the bill? I can't find one, so any help would be very much appreciated.


  Stuartli 14:42 24 Oct 2008

First examples I've come across - there appear to be plenty more:

click here

click here

  Anti_Virus 15:19 24 Oct 2008

Hi. Thanks for looking for me and replying, it's much appreciated. I'm sorry to say this though, but I'm afraid neither of them are what I'm looking for. They're just too heavy. I'm looking for a very portable, very small laptop. A 14" screen is the absolute limit, and anything above 2.3kg is too heavy I'm afraid. In my search, mini laptops, or "netbooks" I think they're called, with screen sizes of 8" to 13", were more to my liking. They're only downfall was the absence of a DVD drive. I'm really sorry to shoot down your suggestions, but I'm afraid they're just not what i'm looking for. Any more help and suggestions though would be appreciated.

  realist 16:58 24 Oct 2008

You won't get a "netbook" with a built-in dvd drive, there simply isn't the space to accomodate it.
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