can you believe this

  Mankster 15:21 17 Oct 2003

A friend of mine asked me to accompany him as he wished to purchase a new notebook/laptop,we went to a local retail park which had PCW/CURRY'S/and COMET superstore,at pcw he asked the assistant why most of the ones on display only had xp home edition,here is the answer of all answers"xp home is only an update from windows Me and he would advise if you have a full version of ME , to remove xp and revert back to windows ME,and to make sure i heard him correctly i asked him to say it again,
he then explained why,he said xp is very unstable as he has installed both ME and xp (PRO and Home)and through his vast experience ME every time,has less compatibility issues.
needless to say we never purchased from their.

Same store a while back. Went in for a floppy disc cable. Assistant enquired what I was looking for, when I told him, he said I did not need one. When I asked how do you connect up the floppy drive he said I just had to slide the drive into the front of the computer and it connected up automatically to the motherboard.

  smegs 15:29 17 Oct 2003

What a load of RUBBISH!! I don't blame Ur friend for not buying a Laptop from them.

  Djohn 15:56 17 Oct 2003

It would be a pity indeed if your friend lost out to a good deal from PC World, simply because Of the lack of knowledge of one of the many sales assistants that would have been available.

After all, you went with him to help/advise, and I'm sure you could have explained the difference to him yourself.

ELECTRON99. Maybe in your case the assistant was confusing himself with a removable drive. These do in fact insert into the PC tower case without having to wire them, they just slide into a caddie that is already wired and has hard connectors to make a contact with the rear of the drive.

I could of course be wrong on both occasions and offer my apologies in advance. j.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 17 Oct 2003

Some people do find XP to be unstable; a hasty glance at the many forums about will confirm this. XP does have many compatibility issues with older hardware, I'm sure you and your friend would have known this ;-))

I prefer W98SE to XP. Does this mean that I am wrong? Just because a new OS has been released does not mean that everyone has to fall and worship it. I am sure your 'friend' would have had enough intelligence to realise that the assistant was giving what some would regard as a valid opinion which he/she has no need to accept. I tend to agree with Djohn on the floppy matter, clear descriptions of problems tend to be rare.



I had in my hand a floppy drive I had obtained off the shelf in P.C.World.I told the assistant I wanted a ribbon cable to connect it to my motherboard.His reply was that I did not need one - I am not sure how this situation could have been made any clearer to him. Whenever I go into a shop of any kind - I expect at the very least for the assistants to have product knowledge. It can be done - just buy something from any Maplin store.

  Forum Editor 18:19 17 Oct 2003

from buying something just because an assistant got the information twisted round his neck.

If Windows XP is unstable it's because there's something wrong with the software/hardware setup, and it can almost always be resolved. I certainly wouldn't dream of buying a new machine with any other operating system on it, and you'll be hard pressed to find one. Manufacturers install WinXP on all new machines for one simple reason - it's better, and more stable than any other operating system on the consumer market.

Why you should say "needless to say we never purchased from their." beats me, and I wonder where you did purchase from? Wherever it was, I bet the machine had Windows XP installed.

  AL D. 18:42 17 Oct 2003

Typical pca story, and as for xp being unstable,what a load of bull,it only becomes unstable if not installed correctly and the correct drivers and updates are loaded,I have installed xp on countless occasions and never one instability issue, as for pcw, they do have a tendency to employ idiots as PCA forums have pointed out quite often

  Mankster 18:48 17 Oct 2003

Your correct in your observation about the note book he purchased it did have xp installed ,and the same type of notebook with slightly better specs was nearly £100 cheaper from comet,and the assistant is probably still laughing at the quote from the PCW assistant.

  Socalled 19:00 17 Oct 2003

It ain't very difficult to beat pcw on price and service,

  Forum Editor 11:20 18 Oct 2003

to say that PC World "have a tendency to employ idiots" any more than it's true to say that the PCA forum contains idiotic comments.

What is undoubtedly true is that some PC World employees may lack the necessary knowledge to be able to advise customers correctly, and some PCA forum members make silly sweeping comments.

I use PC World fairly regularly, and I send clients there all the time. I've had the occasional bit of inane comment from an employee, but nothing too serious, and certainly nothing that would stop me going there. PC World usually have what I want at a reasonable price(unlike many other retailers). The sheer convenience of being able to go to one huge shop and more or less guarantee that I'll get what I'm looking for far outweighs any shortcomings in the staff's product knowledge. In my opinion no other organisation comes close, and as in other areas of life, I've found that the reaction I get from the staff is closely linked to the way I deal with them - it's not difficult to work it out.

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