can u recommend a good components supplier?

  mitey_won 13:35 01 Jun 2004

Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, reasonably priced and contactable supplier of pc components?
I'm looking for replacement graphics cards, mobo etc to upgrade my old pc and want to find a decent supplier.

Please only mention ones you have used yourself and had a good experience with.


  Rayuk 14:15 01 Jun 2004

What area are you in,as sometimes its better if you can actually vist the premises of the online stores.
Although Dabs for one no longer has this option,which is a reason I only use them now as a last resort.

Living in Manchester gives me many options.

  simonp1 14:20 01 Jun 2004

click here

Overclockers uk, i have used them a good few times and never had a problem with them. The main intrest for you is their graphic cards are currently very cheap, ie 9800 pro £130...

They also have a very good techinical dept if you ever need them.

  -Beb- 14:44 01 Jun 2004

Overclockers are definately the best suppliers i've used. I'd be careful of Scan Computers click here , especially if you need to return an item...

  smoothcue 15:10 01 Jun 2004

I've used Novatech a couple of times recently,first class service and never had to wait more than a minute to speak to here

  sicknote 15:19 01 Jun 2004

I've used click here click here click here click here click here all have given a good service for me,and i just go with the one who has the best deal at the time.

  mitey_won 16:03 01 Jun 2004

cheers chaps, was thinking of using Micro Direct as they have a good offer on the nvidia 5900XT card.
By the way, does anyone know the difference between the 5900 and the 5900xt and is the 5900 same as 5900 ultra?

(i'm sure the manufrs name them like this to confuse us)

  Mister Splendid 16:19 01 Jun 2004

The Geforce FX 5900XT is like a cutdown version of the FX5900 with significantly lower performance but also much cheaper. The 5900 Ultra is the extra fast version, but not as good as a 5950 Ultra. Just shop around and get the best your budget allows.

  Djohn 16:49 01 Jun 2004

click here Not the cheapest supplier and nowhere near as big as some of the well known names but a well established company, my local dealer and very reliable and professional.

I have no connection with the company other than a very happy and satisfied customer. I am very particular and fastidious with anything I buy including PC components, have yet to find fault with them. j.

  961 17:09 01 Jun 2004

Novatech customer service is of the best and the range and prices are excellent

Maplin has a huge range and again the mail order service works well

  rickimalone 17:17 01 Jun 2004

Used Ebuyer alot click here and have only had great service from them, ordered loads of gear for £4.99 delivery which all came in good time and the online progress indicator was very good.

They have very useful reviews of products from buyers, however I would only buy if its in stock as the wait could be a long one if its not.

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