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Can Tinned Evaporated Milk Become "Blown"?

  morddwyd 12:32 04 Apr 2017

Opening sone evaporated milk for my coffee earlier today I noticed the tin was " blown" i.e. bulging (it was well in date).

It tasted OK but I binned it just to be on the safe side, but can tinned evaporated milk get "b;own" like other tinned goods?

  caccy 13:10 04 Apr 2017

I always understood that it was some form of biological action/contamination that caused tins to "blow" and therefore makes the contents unsafe to eat. If this is the case then, yes, evaporated milk is no different to any other canned product.

  wee eddie 13:15 04 Apr 2017

With a relatively low sugar content, the usual causes of blowing are available for Evaporated Milk, but which is unlikely for Condensed Milk. I, like you, would not risk it, as it is Bacteria giving off CO2 (I think that that is the gas involved) that causes the can to blow.

I believe that, where meat is involved, there are Toxins in the can

  wee eddie 13:32 04 Apr 2017

Another memory, from a misspent youth, and a catering Education, just surfaced.

If a tin is dented, the lining may be damaged, and a reaction start between the material, from which the can is made, and its contents. This creates a gas which causes the tin to blow.

I cannot remember whether this makes the contents toxic

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