Can someone recomend a cheap laptop?

  simonpage 14:10 12 Nov 2006

I want to get a laptop for my kids to use in their bedroom, it will be knocked about and get covered in food so i don't want to spend heaps of money. Any spec will is ok and from any supplier apart from PC Nexday. And no refurbs please, a mate bought a refurb and there was adult stuff on it! Cheers

  961 14:14 12 Nov 2006

Buy the cheapest Dell. Check for prices on the net and then ring the sales line and haggle HARD

  simonpage 14:16 12 Nov 2006

How much do you think i can haggle them down to?

  Sloper69 16:57 12 Nov 2006

I am currently looking at laptop prices for a large order. Generally Dell produces the cheapest (Inspiron 1300) and you can modify the features you want.

  The Brigadier 17:15 12 Nov 2006
  lilythepink 20:06 12 Nov 2006

Do not buy Dell, I have a desktop and bought a laptop as well, and after service is terrible.
Just thought I would warn you

  steve1ooo 20:08 12 Nov 2006

Acer for me

  dagbladet 20:42 12 Nov 2006

At least two sweeping generalisations in the thread that will significantly narrow your options.

  961 12:12 13 Nov 2006

See the cheapest Dell laptop currently at £329 inc vat and delivery. (Delete option for service package) It may need more memory but if you find you need that you can always get more cheaper from Crucial later. The only other thing you might want is dvd instead of cd which will add about £35

You won't haggle much off that price because it really is pretty rock bottom but as you say jam and coca cola means don't pay too much

If you want to allow internet access you can always arrange that via usb modem where you can control access

If you start to go up a model or add extras that's when to phone up and haggle. Sales targets for end of day/week/month mean extras can be got for very little at these times

  simonpage 23:25 21 Nov 2006


I've looked at a few cheap laptops and will probaly go for this one from PCworld at £350
click here a good price

  frankie 19:14 22 Nov 2006

comet do one 399-00 it seems good to me and its acer

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