can the person in helproom posting rubbish be....

  masterchief117 22:12 19 May 2005

sorry i know this isnt a subject but someone in the helproom is repeat posting and its not nice postings either. Can he be banned, how do we tell pcadvisor whats going on??????

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:14 19 May 2005

and trying to sort it out as we speak.

  masterchief117 22:15 19 May 2005

sorry looks like it might be cleared now.

  spuds 23:24 19 May 2005

Apparently, this was happening yesterday evening. The Forum Editor knows,and he is dealing with the problem.

  anchor 09:06 20 May 2005

Well nothing seems to have been done about it so far. I have e-mailed the PCA magazine editor, as it appears the FE may be away.

This sort of madness, if left untouched, will ruin an excellent forum. I seems we have a "care in the community" contributor.

  g0slp 09:15 20 May 2005
  anchor 09:44 20 May 2005


I had not seen that thread previously; spotted it after I made my posting.

As the rubbish is still there, it seems that the FE may be having a problem removing it; there is such a lot. Apparently it is a deliberate attempt to hijack the site.

  Magik ®© 10:55 20 May 2005

this is the youngsters growing up in "blairs briton" where they do just as they like, with no deterent at all, from mugging old ladies to going out of their to spoil anything that someone might enjoy....

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