Can pc world help access data on my external and transfer it?

  Bourne s 20:11 19 Jul 2014

How much is it to access data on my external hard drive which doesn't turn on, only a blinking light,i think it was because i used the wrong power supply, i then opened the case, found there was another power supply (4 pin) which i haven't tried yet, then i tried a docking station, the light was still blinking now the only option is to take it to somewhere or to try the 4 pin power supply but my question is, is pc world the place, to get them to access my external hard drive and transfer all the data to my new external hard drive and how much is it?

  BRYNIT 21:06 19 Jul 2014

The small 4 pin connector on a hard drive is not for connecting a power supply.

"then I tried a docking station" If you are saying you have taken the hard drive out of it's original case, tried it in a docking station station and it still does not work PC world will not be able to help.

If you haven't tried the hard drive connected to the computer directly or via another hard drive caddy I would suggest you try this first.

If the hard drive still refuses to work the problem could be the circuit board on the drive or a complete failure.

  Bourne s 23:22 19 Jul 2014

Thanks for the reply,

the four pin i mean molex and if that doesn't work is it still possible to access the data?

  BRYNIT 19:50 20 Jul 2014

Bourne s I do not communicate via email if you require further assistance the forum is the place to ask.

Further info that may help.

What type of hard drive do you have.

Did you try and connect it inside your computer as a second drive? Did you check to see if it shows up in the bios when connected? When you tried it in a docking station. Did the computer indicate that the docking station was connected.

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