can nero6 oem3 make a clone of hard drive

  sunny staines 18:09 10 Jun 2005

Trying to make a backup clone of my Hard drive to dvd-d's this will not work with ghost9.

But I have nero oem3 suite is there a way to do it with nero backup, I have read the nero ahead web site but there is no mention of clone backup's well I could not find any.

Any offers of help please.

  mole44 18:23 10 Jun 2005

have you tried looking in the help files that come with the program,press F1 on most programs and the manual will appear for you.

  Joe R 18:51 10 Jun 2005

sunny staines,

nero express, has an option to copy entire disc.

  sunny staines 19:39 10 Jun 2005

thank you, can it burn onto dvd's as my hard drive is too large for one dvd.

  Joe R 21:38 10 Jun 2005

sunny staines,

sorry, was offline for a while there, and yes, you can burn onto dvd's.

  pj123 12:38 11 Jun 2005

I have used Nero BackItUp to back up a hard drive to DVD. It will backup to multiple DVDs and will prompt for the next DVD. Having done it I now get to thinking "How do I restore it, if I need to?".

I now use xxcopy from click here and do a complete clone to another hard disk rather than DVD. Once completed, the hard disk is taken out of the computer and stored. If I ever need it all I have to do is install the backup hard disk as the master and boot the computer.

The only things I back up to DVD/CD are my personal files/documents/data etc.

  sunny staines 13:06 11 Jun 2005

thank you for the replies

  freaky 11:27 12 Jun 2005

A good program to buy for cloning/backups is Acronis True Image 8. A number of Forum members including myself have got it. It is an excellent program and much easier to use than Ghost. Suggest you do a search on the Net to find the best is preferable to buy it on CD than do a download because it can be used as a start up CD in case of problems.

  tenplus1 12:46 12 Jun 2005

Search for a program called PartImage for Windows... This is a tiny program that you stick onto a bootable floppy or cd that can image your partitions in no-time at all... and it's FREE!

  tenplus1 12:47 12 Jun 2005

or even better, there's another called Partition Saving where you can download the program itself or a bootable cd already made for you : click here

  sunny staines 13:58 12 Jun 2005

going to give it a try during the week, can it be used over two dvd's for cloning?

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