Can I sue Mesh for Their Incompetence??

  ChrisPan 14:31 02 Oct 2003

I have had the worst experience of my life with a company called Mesh Computers.

As I work on my PC their incompetence has cost me money and now has lost me business!!!

Mesh sent me a faulty PC (with numerous faults) I requested a new one.

I was sent back the same PC with the same most of the same faults still there.

I then requested a refund.

Mesh finally agreed.

They sent me 1 label with whcih to send back numerous components so I called them and said how do I send all of this back to you with only one returns label? They said dont worry just write on the box "box 1 of 2, box 2 of 2 etc." So this is waht I did as it happens I managed to get it all in 2 boxes.

2 weeks later I am still waiting for my refund and can not purchase another PC until this comes through so I finally call them.

They have informed me that the reason I haven't had the refund is because they have only received 1 box back from me. I have the receipts confirming I sent them two boxes and the agreement from them they will refund me.

They did not even call me to ask me why they had only had 1 box back.

All in all I have paid for this PC but only had it for about 3 weeks out of the last 2 months.

Surely there is something I can do to force them to just give me my money back or can I sue them for loss of earnings??

This has been the worst experience of my life with any company. Anything that can go wrong has gone wrong.

To give you the full list:

Late delivery
Faulty Goods (numerous faults)
Bad customer service.
Faulty goods returned to me even when a requested a replacment.
Then they have lost the goods that were sent back to them despite they were both clearly marked and had labels from the courier company on them.
Did not even call me to let me know even though two weeks later i am still sitting here without a PC!!!

  TBH1 16:37 02 Oct 2003

ChrisPan - - -too late for you now mate but you should have come here first !
I do believe though that Mesh do have a presence on this forum - - - -

  Stuartli 16:59 02 Oct 2003

The answer lies in the small claims court - cost will be £27 but keep exact details of all telephone calls and conversations, with whom they were carried out, and copies of correspondence including e-mails.

If if gets to the small claims court stage, you will find that the judges are very friendly, helpful and very fair in their judgements.

You can do the initial claim on-line but be prepared to be brow beaten by the defendent's solicitors attempting to try and frighten you into dropping the claim.

It happened to me last year (a big London firm firm of solicitors were appointed to oppose me over a very modest claim).

But I stuck to my guns and the company's solicitors didn't even bother to be represented at the hearing, despite trying until the 11th hour to try and convince me I would almost certainly lose and would fact costs of £2,000 or more.

The judge who took the case treated the solicitors' aggressive approach with the contempt it deserved.

So the company I sued not only lost the case and had to pay up, they also had to face the cost of appointing central London solicitors....:-)

As a point of interest this particular company was also facing legal action from Ordnance Survey in the London High Court - I think it lost that one as well.

An expensive pastime if you don't have a leg to stand on...:-)

  Stuartli 17:01 02 Oct 2003

You will be able to claim back the £27 plus other costs and whatever the price of your system if and when you won a small claims court case.

I trust, however, that Mesh will come to its senses and avoid not only upsetting a customer but also garnering what is clearly damaging publicity.

  johnnyrocker 17:05 02 Oct 2003

ring them and ask for max sherafati ceo and insist on talking to him, as advised you should have tried here first cos tis littered with mesh tales of woe and a few bouquets.



  johnnyrocker 17:08 02 Oct 2003

on the other hand you could do what i did and sent a £10 cheque to their legal dept at staples corner requesting all they held on me under the data protection act, received cheque for £1200 within 7 days.



  MESH Response 17:08 02 Oct 2003


We apologise for the frustration caused, if you could leave your order number at [email protected], we will look into it and resolve this ASAP

MESH Response

  gcs_uk 19:46 02 Oct 2003

Information on small claims court try here
click here

This site has loads of useful information.

  Forum Editor 22:42 02 Oct 2003

you'll return to this thread and let us know the outcome ChrisPan?

  rogertjj 09:57 03 Oct 2003

oh dear. I ordered from Mesh last week, and am expecting delivery in 2 weeks. I hope I don't have the same problems !!

  ChrisPan 12:45 03 Oct 2003

I have just received an email from Mesh stating that they will refund me today.

As far as I'm concerned this is just fine as I intend on never communicating with them again.

This company has really caused me real grief and I just can not beleive that they can just sit there with my money, not call me when,leave it to me to threaten legal action to actually get my money back when they are the ones who have continuously made errors.

I have even been told by one of their managers when wanting to send my PC back all in one go when they sent it back to me with the same faults that i was "THINKING LIKE A HUMAN BEING AND THAT IS NOT HOW THEIR SYSTEMS WORK". Well maybe they are right their systems seem more comparable to "MONKEYS" than "HUMAN BEINGS".

My advice to mesh is this. Funnily enough your customers are human beings and as such deserve to be treated like human beings.

I hope this really is resolved so that I do not have persue another thread on this forum or legal action.

Thank you for all your advice. I will be keeping it all on file just in case!!!!

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