Can I move my 02 PAYG credit to another sim?

  Phil Ocifer 11:53 08 Feb 2013


Posted in Speakers Corner because no real answer has been forthcoming from the appropriate forum. Probably a very limited audience, but theoretically should be very knowledgeable on the respective subject.

Does anybody know how to move credit around between 02 mobiles?

I've just got a new phone on contract with EE/Orange and want to take my old number with me, so I phoned 02 for a PAC and I'm ready to go.

Unfortunately I've still got c.£20 credit on my 02 PAYG.

The 02 advisor says I can use it or lose it, (very nice of them) but I don't use much - that £20 would probably see me out this year (because I'm a miser I suppose) but . . .

  • Is there a way to transfer this £20 it to a friend or credit the wifes 02 monthly contract with it, or I could give the sim to someone else to use, or do I indeed have to use it or lose it. I've got the PAC for 30 days and could get another but I'd really like to keep this number I've had for 15 years

I've seen a Samsung mobile in a supermarket for £5 (was £15) plus a £1 for a sim on 02. Anyone know if 02 are able to transfer the balance to the new £1 SIM? If so I could keep that phone for emergencies and (potentially riotous, drunken) nights out (I can dream LoL) ?

(I've had a look at 02 Wallet but I don't think that's a go-er - let me know if I might be wrong on that)

Any ideas? Cheers Phil

(And before you say why did I get a contract and what will I do with the minutes and texts?, well, I will use them - I feel I have a little freedom now whereas previously I've had to be (ahem) "careful".)

  Quickbeam 11:58 08 Feb 2013

Don't hold your breath, let it out and talk away the unused air time away to get your money's worth before you switch!

from their point of view it would probably cost more than the airtime value to switch it.

  Forum Editor 12:02 08 Feb 2013

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  woodchip 12:04 08 Feb 2013

Only thing I can say is you need a Sim Free Phone to use the Sim in or continue using the old phone till its used up

  spuds 12:48 08 Feb 2013

The only way I have managed to transfer credit, is by transferring the sim card to another mobile and using the same service provider.

Remember also, that some service provider's insist that a mobile (payg?) is used within a 1/3/6/ month period, depending on T&C to maintain any credits.

The supermarket wasn't Tesco by the way. I was looking at an offer yesterday in our local Tesco, and was undecided?.

  spuds 12:51 08 Feb 2013

Should have perhaps asked, was the offer subject to a £10 top-up voucher for 02 being obtained at the same time. I didn't notice if this was part of the deal?.

  Phil Ocifer 15:22 08 Feb 2013

Well, I guess it's "use it or lose it". Already made a private call and entered a "lowest unique bid" competition so down to £13 already ha ha.

Spuds - I couldn't see any mention of £10 top up, however they usually drop that one on you at the POS. Clever trick - NOT.

Cannot remember but was either Tesco or Morrisons.

I'm sure you used to be able to buy things on a suitably equipped internet phone where the money came off your credit. Anyhow. I think I'll take an early bath on this one and mark resolved. Thanks for all your assistance. Cehers Phil

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