Can I mix AV sender Makes

  neda 15:48 11 Aug 2014

I have an unbranded (imported from China) AV Sender transmitter and 2 matched receivers. The system works very well for relaying TV around the house. I now wish to add a third receiver. Unfortunately the type I bought 3 years ago is no longer available.

Is it possible that a different make of 2.4ghz receiver would be able to pick up pictures and sound from my existing transmitter? My existing transmitter and receivers have 5 channels available.

Alternatively, as I have a spare transmitter is it relatively simple to turn this into a receiver?

  BRYNIT 17:52 11 Aug 2014

It might and it might not.

No one can answer that question apart from the manufacturer who made the original and the manufacturer of the new receiver you want to buy.

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