Can I mention BT robbers in this forum?

  Pappyon 12:12 29 Jul 2004

I am on the basic tariff with BT, which means I am/was only paying for line rental.

They have very kindly put me on to "BT Together Option 1" without my consent, and increased my line Rental by £3. That's what I call service.

I am getting the same deal just now with my calls being rerouted through Onetel including free local and national weekend calls which I wouldn't get with BT.

I have no option but to pay this increase except to change to Telewest!

  Greenmachine 12:42 29 Jul 2004

Yea i have heard about this, bt stop there basic line thing in early july and start charging people by different rates instead of 'the average bt phoneline'they charge by where the consummer lives and things liek that. Probably because there competeors were doings so well saying that their customs get cheaper rates that the average bt customer. They also are forced to sell of lines to different compaines (telewest) and i think thats what happen to you, it was introduce by margert tacker because the goverment owned bt and it was virtual the only competor and could bump up prices. So she got rid of that and made bt an external company and makes them sell to other compaines for cheaper that your normal rate (like a rent of their equiment sorta) and thats what happened it is ment to help the average company but that doesnt seemed to have worked for you.

  cfcnick 12:51 29 Jul 2004

Pappyon, change to telewest if you can, then you can have better broadband as well. :>)

  Mister Splendid©® 17:18 29 Jul 2004

I was already using "BT Together Option 1". The new charges mean my rental has gone down by £1 so I appear not to have been robbed. Many people will be in the same position as me.

  ianmcco 19:16 29 Jul 2004

I actually work for one of the three companies mentioned above.

Complain again to BT that you wish to be on a "STANDARD" Line rental package as you currently use a "reseller" (ie ONETEL)and have no need for the extra package benefits. If they refuse to honour this, tell them that you will be in contact with OFTEL, as they gave you no option to increase or change your line rental options. OFTEL are the telecoms relegulation board and they can be found easily on the net.

Furthermore - if you have CPS (carrier pre selection) with OneTel then BT are already aware that you don't require one of their "packages".

As far as I am aware standard line rental with BT should be 9.99 inc VAT per month.

If you are still having trouble then you can still move to Telewest or another telco (ie NTL) as OneTel offer "cable over ride phone pals" which allow you to still use their service for cheaper calls.

Hope this is even slightly helpful.

Regards Ian

  spuds 19:38 29 Jul 2004

It would seem as though BT have their own way of doing things in respect of customer services and package deals. I changed my internet provider service and required a BT line only service.BT duly altered my service as I requested, from a previous options package to line only.And I have received two bills confirming that the line only subsription deal was now active.But today I now notice on receiving my latest BT bill, I have been tranfered back onto the options package,without my knowledge or consultation. You just cannot win!.

  oresome 20:11 29 Jul 2004

BT are fighting back at their competitors by adjusting their tariffs to make it less worthwhile simply renting a line from them.

If Onetel doesn't like it, they can always dig the roads up and lay their own local loop, like NTL and Telewest did (and went bankrupt in the process).

THe local loop is a valuable resource and as a BT shareholder, I expect BT to maximise their competetive advantage

  Pappyon 20:17 29 Jul 2004


I don't know about having CPS, but I have a box from Onetel that plugs into the BT master socket, which means I can dial right through without having to use a prefix code.

Whether this is what you are referring to I don't know, but BT must know by the bills they send me, as since changing to Onetel for my calls, I have never dialled through BT, and this was over a year ago.

I will definitely complain to them and to OFTEL, but as far as I know BT put subscribers on to this tariff whether they want it or not. It would appear you have no option!!!

I will post back when I hear anything.

Thanks again everybody for the response.

  georgemac 05:13 30 Jul 2004

click here is a thread I started on this subject a few weeks ago. Ofcom are already investigating this matter, but have decided not interim action is required. Ofcom are also forcing BT to develop a workable wholesale line rental package to be available to other teleco's similar to broadband. Please complain about this if you feel strongly about it.

Oresome, I must disagree, BT are not fighting back against competitiors, but in my opinion are abusing their monopoly position by making non BT call users pay for options they will never use, and therfore subsidising their exisiting customers.

This is my view, even although I will be returning to BT next month for calls, after having to end my NTL service as they cannot provide me with broadband on a BT line (my exchange has just been enabled). Hopefully when I get home from work later today, my broadband connection will be waiting for me!

  Pappyon 07:52 30 Jul 2004

I'm not the slightest bit interested in your being a shareholder in BT. Where is the relevance in this in relation to the initial post I made? I feel that I am already overpaying this crowd for renting a phone line from them, without them bunging the price up without so much as a "by your leave".

As I have already pointed out I am getting a better deal from Onetel just now than BT have put me on, and charged me £3 extra for.

  Graham ® 18:04 30 Jul 2004

How many companies ask you if they can put their prices up?

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