Can a debit card transaction be traced?

  josie mayhem 22:24 12 Feb 2005

I have posted an querie in the help room concerning what is the cause of my problems.

What I now need to know is, at least one of the items need returning, to rectify the matter. But the components were brought separatly, all being less than several month's old. But for the the psu, I don't have the box, and I'm not certain that I can find the receipt if this needs replacement. I know that I brought all the components from pcworld (how silly of me) and I do know a while back, when they lost my receipt, while stood at customer services, that because I had used a debit card they could trace the transaction and produce another print out of what I had purchased, and then ring and marked what I had returned (I countered signed to say that I hd agreed with this). Can they still do this?

  jakimo 23:30 12 Feb 2005

if the psu was purchased separately from any other item using a debit\credit card the amount will show up on your bank statement,that will show proof of purchase of an item from pcworld,it is very unlikely that they could produce an itemized copy of what that purchase was,it very much depends on how much they value your custom

I asume your claiming the psu is faulty!

  josie mayhem 23:53 12 Feb 2005

I'm not sure at the moment, futher investication needs to be done tomorrow.

But two years ago, I bulit my first pc, and brought some parts for a friend while there all on the same receipt. I had a faulty piece of kit, so take it back. While sorting this out which they did with out any hassel. I then asked for the oridganal receipt, because the rest of the purcahses I had made at the thime of the oridgianl, were on that receipt but not the new one. They searched high and low, and the bins the chap could remember having it in his hand, what worried me more than anything, was that customer services had been quite bussy, and my receipt had all my debit card details on.

An new readout using my card details were issused, not on the normal till paper, but on computer paper, and the items that I had returned were ring and I singned to say that the had been returned, I was given this with the normal receipt for the items that I had returned and replaced.

I wondered weather this was possiable, since pcworld had up-graded there systems in my point of view for not the benefitr of the customer!

  Forum Editor 01:21 13 Feb 2005

will almost certainly be aqble to produce a record of your card purchase. Whether the staff will be prepared (or authorised) to do it is another matter, and as you are hardly in a position to be assertive (having lost the receipt) I would advise you to broach the matter with a degree of diplomacy.

If your PSU is indeed faulty then you are entitled to a refund or an exchange, but again you are on thin ice without the proof of purchase. From what you say it seems far from certain that you have a faulty component in any case.

  claudine 07:36 13 Feb 2005

Josie I don't suppose you bought it online from them? Or registered it online? I bought something from dixons a few years ago and when it needed fixing under guarantee I couldn't find the receipt but I could log into their website and find the order numbers of everything I ever bought going back at least two years, and they accepted this as proof of purchase

  josie mayhem 11:01 13 Feb 2005

I'm not 100% that it is the power supply, but I'm going to have a lovely afternoon finding out. I intend at first to take the psu out of this computer and connect up to the problem one, and if that don't reslove the problem, then it's going to be sown to trial and error!!!!

F.E, I know that I'm skating on ice on this one, that way I querried it here first, before approaching pcworld.

Sadly I suffer a lot from 'murphy law' I can put my hand reciepts for the mobo I brought 2 years ago, and the mouse/keyboard brought 18 month's ect. But the receipt for the psu is nowhere to be seen.

  Dizzy Bob 11:45 13 Feb 2005


The till system will hold details, and the store should be able to find your transaction. The more details you can provide (date / approx time of purchase)the better.

If it was a large purchase and the store took your name and address, they can also search by postcode.

If they cannot find it, or are unwilling, drop me a line via the envelope, and i will see if i can find it.

I will need some pesonal details such as debit card number so we will need to figure out a secure route that you are comfortable with to go forward. I make no promises, but will try to help if you like.

Dizzy Bob

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