SANAP 15:41 16 Jan 2013

This could be a warning for others. I purchased AVG in 2009 and it was a 2 year offer. I changed to Norton in early 2011 but AVG had set me up for auto renewal. I got an emsil in early 2011 reminding me my AVG would expire but by this time had it removed from my PC. Another email arrived in FEb 2011 stating I had not downlaoded the product etc As I had no longer used AVG I ignored email. Now 2 years later I get another email saying they will take 2more years renewal automatically. This time I twigged so clicked on the cancel renewal and like a shot they closed my account immediately. I checked back and yes they did take payment in 2009 for the 2 years. My contention is that AVG knew I never downloaded their product so should have been aware it was no longer used. I was not aware of the auto renewal bit in that they take the money regardless and when you uninstal it gives no warning or directs you to the cancellation process. Its a cheap trick and should be stamped out.

I am claiming a refund but wont hold my breath.

I got rid of it as it clashed with a firewall I had. sanap

  SANAP 15:42 16 Jan 2013

oops it was in 2011 they took second payment

  rickf 18:03 16 Jan 2013

The problem seems that you did not close the a/c when you left. Hope you get the refund

  spuds 00:15 17 Jan 2013

I have a number of domains, and part of the contract is automatic renewal with payment arrangement. This is so I do not lose the advantage of retaining the domains or services being provided.It also makes life easier for me, in case I forget. The contract also states that they will inform me at renewal times,which they always do, and if no response from me, will request payment from the payment details given . Its my duty to cancel at these times, and before renewal or expiry date if I choose to do so.

It isn't a cheap trick, but one used in normal business practise.

It would appear that you had the option to cancel, and you didn't bother. You could try for some form of refund, but by accounts of what you have stated, you might have little or no success.

  interzone55 11:35 17 Jan 2013

It depends on how the payments were set up.

If it was set up for automatic renewal you should have closed the account, as it would renew just like a direct debit.

If it was a one off payment, then they can't take the renewal payment without your consent - that was what Norton were done for...

  SANAP 11:38 17 Jan 2013

ok thanks for replies and I don't think I will get a refund either. To clarify I did get reminders in 2011 but for some reason I did not act on them and I cant remember back 2 years what I was doing. I know I had problems with AVG and switched to another. But the bit that annoys me is, when I signed up in 2009 I would have registered and had an account with AVG, however when I got the email this year about renewing I could not access my account ie it was not recognised! It was closed. So I am assuming that I closed the account back in late 2010 and should not have got the auto renewal or got it again this year. However, it is obiviously a marketing ploy as it does give you the opportunity to cancel but it if you don't watch the email they take the money. That is the bit that's unfair. And when you sign up apparently the bit you tick for agreeing to auto renewal is hidden away. That was the reason I wanted to view my account to see where the tick was.

What I am saying is that AVG kept me on the auto renewal even though I had closed the account and that is why I am making the post on here.

I know about the auto renewal facility I use it my myself for dns etc. AVG is the first one that has foxed me.

By the way I have raised a complaint and they are just pushing me into auto replies and quoting the 30 day refund policy. It's there loss as it's a bad practice. They should have stopped auto renewing when I closed the account.


  morddwyd 16:46 17 Jan 2013

I've just had a couple of weird e-mails from AVG, one thanking me for my order, complete with download key, and another, just a few hours later, acknowledging my cancellation and confirming a refund has been issued.

Needless to say, I have placed no order.

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