? Can Anyone Verify/Recommend/Had Experience of this On-Line outfit, Pls?

  AroundAgain 20:58 09 Sep 2013


I'm wondering if anyone has ordered/had dealings with this site, please - click for the site

I would like to replace the battery in my laptop as it doesn't hold the charge more than about 5 mins, so not really functional.

I've found the site linked above, which would appear to have a decent battery at a reasonable price. However, I can only find an email address for them, no postal address or phone number to contact them through.

I do like to check these details before a purchase, just in case I have a problem and want to get in touch. In this case, contact is only by email which, if used because of faulty items etc, can easily be ignored by the seller, leaving the purchaser high and dry.

So, my question is, has anyone used these people, have any recommendations regarding use/not use etc?

In the event of no-one having experience, good or bad, with them, or no posts, I'll email them to see what they give as an answer.

Thanks for any input here

  Nontek 21:04 09 Sep 2013
  AroundAgain 21:10 09 Sep 2013

Well done, Nontek :)

It didn't even occur to me to check them out via Google but I'm so pleased you have done so. Thanks

What a shame, but so pleased I had this urge to check. It was some years back when I read about checking for a postal address and/or phone number as, if not, usually a bit dubious.

Thanks very much, yet again. Your response time is very impressive too ;)


  AroundAgain 21:16 09 Sep 2013

Nontek, may I ask what key words you put into Google to come up with your result, please? I've just tried, feeling a bit pathetic that I didn't try Google myself before posting but I can't come up with anything relevant.


  [DELETED] 23:00 09 Sep 2013

AroundAgain Apart from anything else the Companies Act 2006 and Business Names Act 1985 states:-

Every UK company should list on its website: its name; its company registration number; its place of registration; and its registered office address.

Any site not showing these should be avoided.

  alanrwood 11:10 10 Sep 2013

It is not a UK company. It is most likely in China and just has a UK domain name with a divert for all incoming emails to their offices in China. At least that is the usual set up.

Having said that I have bought 3 or 4 from similar companies in China and on the one occasion I had a problem they refunded straight away. This company however seems to be a rip off.

  Nontek 14:04 10 Sep 2013


Sorry for delay in replying, I have been out.

All I did was put the site URL into Google search, then read feedback from other users.

  AroundAgain 18:09 11 Sep 2013

Thanks Nontek J

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