Can anyone tell me why.....

  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:22 20 May 2006

A Sony 512 memory module available from Kingston or Crucial for between £60-70, costs £200 from Sony Style. I have contacted them about this but do not hold out much hope of a reply.

  ghm101 13:27 20 May 2006

The Sony and other "Big Name" manufacturers line on this sort of thing is - that the components they use have been subjected to (and passed) more quality control tests, therefore they are more reliable and hence worth more.

Companies like Kingston and Crucial sell their stuff to any PC owner, whereas Dell only sell replacement and enhancement parts to just their much smaller customer base. Economies of scale work in favour of Kingston and Crucial to shift more stock at lower prices.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 15:02 20 May 2006

The module that I am looking at is made by the Elpida Corporation. I have contacted a distributor (Sunrise electronics) and I await a quote for the item. It will be interesting to see if it compares favourably with the Sony price. (or not)

  Markus 12:33 21 May 2006

A 512Mb Memory stick for Sony products is available from Offtek £38.77 including VAT.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 18:22 21 May 2006

Thanks but its a RAM module I am querying.

  ade.h 18:27 21 May 2006

Seems silly when the core components of a RAM module all come from the same small number of factories.

  Stuartli 19:43 21 May 2006

>>Companies like Kingston and Crucial sell their stuff to any PC owner>>

Both companies produce memory that will prove every bit as satisfactory in every way as Sony - in fact it could well be that Sony actually rebrands such products under its own name...:-)

It's common in the computer world as no individual brand name can manufacture absolutely everything it sells.

For instance, SanDisk co-developed and co-owns the Memory Stick PRO Duo product for 3G mobile phones with Sony; Sony also collaborated with Philips at the latter's request to fully realise the potential of audio CDs (a development from the Philips 12in LaserVision disks in the 1980s.

In turn Taiyo Yuden, a leading media manufacturer, researched and developed the production of the CDs themselves.

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