Can anyone recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse?

  Kerrso05 17:41 27 Sep 2006

Can Anyone help?
I have a Belkin wireless keyboard and mouse combination known as F8E849ukBNDL and although my keyboard works fine my mouse is very very hard on batteries. I usually get about two days use out of the batteries before replacing them. I have now found out that if I hold down the wheel on the mouse and push the reset button on the mouse the red light on the mouse goes out. The problem I have with this design is remembering to do this procedure every time I shut down the computer. Does anyone else have this unit and if so are they having the same problem? Is there no way to change this so that if the mouse is not used for more than 10 minutes the red light on the bottom of the mouse goes out and when you click on the wheel the light goes on? I can't keep up too the batteries I am going through or do you think this is a faulty unit? The keyboard is working fine and don't have to replace the batteries for about 4 or 5 months.
Can anyone recommend a wireless keyboard and mouse that is not hard on batteries. Can anyone recommend a replacement mouse (that again is not hard on batteries)
I would be very grateful for your help


  Stuartli 18:17 27 Sep 2006

I have a £20 wireless keyboard and optical mouse (rebadged A4Tech products by Silvercrest which is a Lidl brand name) and the optical mouse switches itself off after eight minutes if not used.

Two 2300mAh rechargeable batteries last between six and eight weeks which comprises many hours' use on a daily basis.

The keyboard batteries (same type) last at least twice as long.

  tonyjon 20:48 27 Sep 2006

Logitech do a superb one, rechargeable batteries in mouse (park mouse to charge in wireless base), I got an OEM version off Ebay - just called Cordless Rechargeable Desktop.

  BT 08:45 28 Sep 2006

Most wireless mouses(?) usually power down themselves after about 10mins of inactivity. I have given up on wireless ones as the battery problem seems to be a problem with all of the ones I have had. About 2 days on a set of rechargeables seems normal. My wireless keyboard however still has the same set of batteries after 18 months of fairly hard use.

  Kerrso05 09:41 28 Sep 2006

Everybody thanks for all your replies. The Lidl keyboard and mouse....I have never seen in any of their shops and it appears to be very like the Belkin one I have (I wonder is Belkin building it for them!) tonyjon..the logitech sounds good....can you give me a link to it so I can see what it looks like?
BT.....what is the wireless keyboard that you have? and yes I thought that the wireless mouse would power down after 10 mins inactivity...I wonder is mine faulty?
Anybody else got any other suggestions like microsoft wireless keyboards? Do all mice have problems with batteries?
Thanks for all your help


  Strawballs 11:05 28 Sep 2006

I use a microsoft multimedia set from argos batteries last well model -WUR0445

  BT 08:00 29 Sep 2006

My wireless keyboard is the one that came with my Advent computer.

  Mike D 12:07 29 Sep 2006

I use the Microsoft Laser Keyboard and Mouse set, £49.99 from PC World in February- brilliant. It replaced similar Logitech setup, which lasted all of 3 days before I took it back, due to faulty software/bluetooth drivers.

MS is not rechargeable, but I have just replaced my first set of Duracells, which I find acceptable.


  kev d 12:18 29 Sep 2006

I have a Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite keyboard and a Wireless IntelliMouse Exlorer 2.0 mouse. I cannot remember how much I paid for them but being Microsoft products they were not the cheapest of choices. Battery life is excellent - I use duracall batteries. I have only needed to change the mouse batteries once in the past eight months and have never had to change the keyboard batteries so far. On average the PC is used for two - three hours each day.

  Harpur 21:09 29 Sep 2006

look at logitech and get the laser mouse. it has rechargeable batteries and is a dream to use

  Kerrso05 22:18 29 Sep 2006


Can you give a link to the Logitech Keyboard and mouse as Logitech have many variations of keyboards. And to anyone else who is giving a suggestion can you give links to the hardware as I am finding it difficult to locate the various items mentioned here in this forum as all these manufacturers have different model and different prices.


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