Can anyone recommend Maxtor Back up drives

  User-324448 11:49 05 May 2004

Hi, I recently had a major failer and had to re install XP. Of course my back up onto CDs was 3 weeks behind, can anyone suggest a simple way to back everything up so that I can simply retrieve it to any computer, Maxtor comes to mind. Thanks in anticipation.

Oh! on an earlier posting I read where there was a court case with Evesham, I have used them for many years with no problem, I hope it all gets sorted out without too much bad feeling.

  Stuartli 12:00 05 May 2004

click here and (amongst others) are selling the Maxtor DiamondMax 40GB HDD for £35 - £36 at present.

A better bet, however, could be a Western Digital OEM drive which include a three year warranty (usually the model number ends with JB); 80 to 120GB versions will be around £65-£80.

  byfordr 12:06 05 May 2004

Yes! Both external and internal.

The one touch drives are nice and quick. Firewire slightly slower than usb2 but less of a resource hogger.

Alternately install a second internal Maxtor 8mb 200gb for less £100 now! click here £95 inc 3 yr warrant ccl computers. This will protect against hardware failures, but not so good against virus's (unless you remove it)

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