Can anyone recommend a good credit card?

  190119 15:00 27 Apr 2010

Just had a bust up with my credit card company.
Without going into too much detail the trouble stems from a third party card protection scheme for which I was charged £80, something I neither authorized or wanted.

After having spent almost one hour on the helpline to someone whose command of English was very limited to say the least I got told that there was nothing they were prepared to do about it and I could not have a refund under any circumstances.

I have had this credit card since 1976 (Barclay card)so it's not as if I am a customer who swaps card provider every 5 minutes.

So, I would like a card which will give me some sort of rewards, I pay the balance off every month so there will be no need for interest free balance transfer facility.

Any recommendations folks?

  HondaMan 15:43 27 Apr 2010

First of all, be very sure you didn't authorise it, then once sure, threaten to take them to the county court via the small claims route. If they still don't refund the money, the issue proceedings. You will find that that act concentrates the mind wonderfully.

As to your new card, I would suggest Amazon.

  The Kestrel 16:05 27 Apr 2010

If you are into collecting Airmiles, this is the card(s) for you!

click here

  The Kestrel 16:08 27 Apr 2010

Sorry! Just realised this is an even better deal with the LLoyds TSB Duo cards as you get a 1500 mile voucher with your first spend.

click here

  961 16:46 27 Apr 2010

Write to Barclays Chief Exec

J Varley
Barclays plc
Churchill Place
E14 5HP

explaining (politely) that you did not ask for or authorise this cover

Ask for the premiums to be refunded together with the cost of the abortive phone call

A refund will put you in a better financial position than simply giving in and going to another card issuer

  interzone55 17:30 27 Apr 2010

I've got a First Direct gold card.

It has no points offers, no cash back, but the call centres are all in the UK - Leeds & Glasgow and they answer the phone within a couple of rings. I've only ever had a couple of problems that the person who answered wasn't able to sort, so I was transferred to a second person.

On top of this, HSBC (First Direct's parent) are one of the few banks who didn't have to be bailed out...

  BT 17:45 27 Apr 2010

is the one I use most, APR about 16%, plus you get your Clubcard points on all purchases, not just in Tescos.

Best one I have for low interest rate, and high Credit limit, is Capital One No Hassle Platinum, APR about 6.9%, but not sure if its still available

  Pine Man 17:48 27 Apr 2010

Get a cash back card and don't worry if it gets cloned. They knew mine was being cloned before I did and stopped it instantly and issued a new one immediately. They sorted the whole thing it with minimum fuss and no charges.

  ajm 18:45 27 Apr 2010

Have had the above for a few years now, getting cash back of 1%. Bear in mind that not all places will take American Express

  jack 19:56 27 Apr 2010

Interesdt is not a concern.
Take a look at Co-Op Visa
click here
Also take a look here
click here

  spuds 21:23 27 Apr 2010

You could try Martin Lewis's Money Advice website click here for 'best buys'.

Going back to your original failure to get satisfaction, then contact someone higher up in the chain of command. I had a similar "not our responsibility" from no less than three 'account managers'(call centre administration staff),and after demanding that I was put through to an 'higher grade' soon brought a better understanding. I have held a B.Card since the beginning of that card, so loyalty in the end,might have paid dividends for the prompt resolution to my problem at that time of upset!.

If you take the matter direct to Barclays HQ, and get a written response with a rejection, then ask for a 'deadlock letter' and take the matter to the FSA. Using the bank's own trade association, might prove to be an un-favourable route for satisfaction.

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