Can anyone recommend a case?

  Gaz W 14:26 13 Jul 2003

I need a case for my new PC (Abit AT7-Max2 motherboard) and don't want to spend more than £45 ish. I was interested in the Chenbro PC61319 case (click here), but I have white drives from another machine (DVD-ROM and CD-RW and LS-120 floppy drive). Is there a case that is black with white in the centre that looks modern? The CD-RW is new, so I should have thought about getting a black one really.

What I need is a case without a power supply, that will take white cases (e.g. black with white section where drives are), and that has at least 2 front USB ports and front audio connections (Mic/Line In/Out or whatever).

  soy 14:43 13 Jul 2003

Try X-Case for lots of different cases: click here

I noticed a cool looking black case that has a cover. Useful to hide those white Cd drives, huh? ;-). click here

or what about this Q-TEC TL-MD BLACK TRANSPARENT case: click here
It has siverish faceplates but your white CD-drives would look to out of place there.

A far fetched idea could be to stealth your Cd-Drives. This means attaching one of the faceplates to the front of your Cd- Drive, so you wouldn't even see them. Just an idea, lol.

  soy 14:44 13 Jul 2003

Mean't to say 'Your white CD-Drives wouldn't look too out of place there'

  Gaz W 15:14 13 Jul 2003

Are these OEM/unbranded versions? Do they have Qtec written on them, because I would prefer it if they don't have the brand name on them.

I like the look of the Q-TEC TL-MD in black and silver, and they even come with a neon light. Other cases I've seen with a window didn't even have that!

You mentioned that I could "stealth" my DVD and CD drives by putting the faceplates over them, but how would I be able to open them easily? I had thought of something similar. On some PCs, like the eMachines ones or that Medion PC that was sold in Aldi, some sort of door was used, but I haven't been able to find one.

  Gaz W 15:15 13 Jul 2003

I think one that matches the drives well would be preferable though.

  soy 15:30 13 Jul 2003

Stealthing your CD-Drives : click here

  bremner 18:08 13 Jul 2003

Ebuyer are flogging off cases on the cheap (from £11.95) this weekend

  birkdalite 19:00 13 Jul 2003

Despite murmurings of dissent from helproom , i decided (because I liked the idea )on a case maade by Jeantech in which both sides fold down flat allowing very easy access to all components. It's a doddle to work with, and is a great help to inveterate fiddlers like me . Got mine from PCWorld. Have a look , I think they're great!

  Gaz W 12:57 14 Jul 2003

Have I posted this in the ConsumerWatch again? I think something is wrong because I definitely went into the Helproom to posty this thread, and I've logged on today to find it in the ConsumerWatch! That's the second time that's happened!

  Stuartli 20:27 16 Jul 2003

It's because it's a query about a retail product rather than solving problems...

Scan of Bolton (click here) has a wide choice of cases, including aluminium ones, with all the features you probably require such as lighting and different colours.

They are even cheaper when listed on the TodayOnly page.

  Stuartli 20:30 16 Jul 2003

Today's TodayOnly page includes the Thermaltake Xaser III Cases and some by Chieftec....

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