can anyone recommend a budget non-pc blu ray player

  theDarkness 16:47 20 Mar 2012

I was thinking of purchasing one as the dvd player may be on its last legs, but I dont know if its really worth it at this stage-if any blu ray budget players are recommended, or mainly make up the earlier batches that were released, very slow etc. I still wonder if blu ray could be overtaken by yet another physical format in the near future. I say 2 or 3 more yrs should be enough time to find out. I have noticed that the price of select movies on bluray are starting to get close to the dvd price, so I am wondering how those that now own blu ray rate it compared to dvd, ignoring the obvious (image quality). I wonder if slow loading times are common on average priced machines, if forced trailers on new movies are becoming common, the supposed need for constant firmware updates for the latest releases, if anyone has bricked their machine on a bad java update, and if if any machines have a backup option :) can anyone recommend a good budget player-the lowest they would pay for a player for what they would believe as acceptable? thanks

  interzone55 17:00 20 Mar 2012

I use a PS3 for Blu Ray playback and the picture quality is stunning.

I do have to do regular firmware updates, for both Blu Ray and Love Film playback, which is very annoying.

Loading times aren't too long, and besides, I've got into the habit of popping the disc in the player then making a brew or whatever whilst the disc loads.

Forced adverts don't seem to be an issue on most discs I've played.

  theDarkness 21:53 20 Mar 2012

cheers, ill keep note of that, at least if the prices of any of the consoles start to fall. from a forum I read before, forced advertising you couldnt skip was on some new discs, but didnt state what movies they were,so it wasnt alot of help. I hope that doesnt catch on, I doubt it as theres no reason that it couldnt have been added to standard dvds a long time ago. The cheapest new blu ray players I can find so far are around £50-60 on amazon, even newly released ones (less than 6 months old). some mention minor quibbles such as displaying a logo permanently at the bottom corner of the screen on a toshiba blu ray player when a dvd is played, but its that sort of this that I wouldnt be too impressed with, lol. I think Ill need to try youtube for some live examples of the most popular budget players, if any. thanks :)

  ICF 11:12 21 Mar 2012
  frybluff 20:30 21 Mar 2012

I've got an LG BD550, dirt cheap on Amazon (think it was £69). Great picture and upload times are Ok. Good basic upgrade from DVD. Had it about 9 months, with no issues.

  Armchair 16:00 23 Mar 2012

I'm using a Panasonic DMP-BD75 that I bought for £70 back in September. I needed a new DVD player, but thought I might as well spend a bit extra and get this. It's mostly been used for regular DVDs, and I still only have a few Blu-Ray discs. I also only have a 720p (Panasonic) tv set. The machine is basic, but works well. Not much else to say.............

  interzone55 07:24 24 Mar 2012


Not everyone has a suitable internet connection for streaming movies.

I've got 10 meg, and high def content from love film still stalls occasionally. They also don't have all the latest releases available for streaming.

  theDarkness 14:12 24 Mar 2012

The waiting times will surely get better in the future for movie loading on blu ray? That along with the firmware updating puts me off slightly, aside from the fact that hd-dvd is 'still around' (some bargains can be had from discs on amazon and ebay up until around 2009, lol). With disc loading on blu ray, now might be a good idea to try youtube for some live high res examples regarding how long it takes to load a disc on recent blu ray players, and on the models mentioned here. Many people do not know where to turn when it comes to a new physical disc format, especially when they can get an upscaling dvd player for their widescreen or hd tv for half the price (there are toshiba models around for £30). I'd like to be able to compare them to blu-ray on an hd tv, but I dont have one just yet. Im sure they cannot compare.

I dont think we'll have much of a choice with reception-no doubt one day every tv and channel will be hd only, but it may take a very long time before that happens and non-hd kicks the bucket. ßeta makes a fair point-but I think I would miss having physical media. Im sure the focus will soon be on every single tv being able to browse the internet, which wont help. Ive noticed there are a few sony and samsung televisions with full net access already (Samsung D8090 Smart TV). I would hope that pc comes with a keyboard rather than a large remote, lol. Everyone will probably have hard drives built into their tv or alongside for saved documents and media one day, to realize they now all essentially have pcs with limited ability in every single living room. By then, all the companies pushing the online movie content straight to your tv (along with the live gambling etc that you may currently need satellite tv/pc web access for at the moment).

thanks for the blu ray player suggestions, will take note and check them out :)

  finerty 15:17 02 Apr 2012

try ebuyer dot com

novatech dot com

im sure they must have something in your price range

i would recommend maplin but i would'nt their prices can be a little steep

  Input Overload 10:51 04 Apr 2012

I picked up a Toshiba HDMI BluRay-DVD player from Richer Sounds a couple of months back for around £40 - It loads BluRay's much faster tham my PlayStation3 & you can use it for media content from a USB stick but as with ßeta I hardly ever use it - I did buy it to minismise wear & tear on the PS3. Picture & sound quality are great & I can't see any point in paying more.

  The Kestrel 14:03 04 Apr 2012

Take your choice from these low cost players at Ebuyer

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