Can anyone recommend anti-virus

  michaelandjolou 00:13 22 May 2005

I am currently using eTrust anti-virus, supplied on thepurchase of my XP system on a three month free trial. Can anyone recommend a suitable anti-virus programme to use once the three months free trial is over? Alternatively is there a review that I could read comparing various programmes to make an educated choice myself? I'm not concerned with the free downloads as I would like something that is quite robust and has a support package attached.

  rdave13 00:22 22 May 2005

Try Avast antivirus- free and very good.

Use google for address and simply download.
Uninstall eTrust.

  The Spires 01:39 22 May 2005

Eset Nod32, fit it & forget it. click here

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 22 May 2005

Avast is certainly an excellent, free option. Automatically updates itself when connected to the net - often more than once a day.

  961 08:46 22 May 2005

Avast is excellent. There is a "paid for" version if you wish, but the free for home use one is totally adequate

Another which gets good reviews is F-Secure.

For tests see click here

  douglas1973 11:52 22 May 2005

I am getting confused michaelandjolou with the responses you are getting to your query but it seems to me that you are being recommended AntiSpyware programs, not Antivirus programs. You probably need both plus a Firewall. I am using Norton Internet Firewall 2005 and Microsoft AntiSpyware (the latter is free). I am not all that keen on Norton Internet Firewall because if you have to reinstall for some reason to get the right solution in the Symantec website is incredibly difficult and the instructions are long and tedious. The program itself is not exactly straight forward. Also if your computer runs slowly it will run even slower with Norton Internet Security installed but if you have a fast processor and plenty of RAM you will hardly notice any difference. When my subscription to Norton expires I will probably move to McAfee which I have tried briefly. It seems more straight forward.

  tenplus1 12:15 22 May 2005

After doing some good research and testing myself for an antivirus program (that is free) I found that Avast seems to work well and has many features that protects other programs you might be using like p2p or e-mail/webmail...

Go here: click here to download the program and register FREE online for a serial-key...

  [email protected]@ 15:25 22 May 2005

Two good anti-virus programs

click here

click here

Just two among many but these I have found to be excellent.

  KatyN 15:53 22 May 2005

I had AVG until recently, but they seem to have gone off the boil and missed some rather crucial nasties. Avast works really well for me

  Stuartli 16:16 22 May 2005

>>but it seems to me that you are being recommended AntiSpyware programs>>

Where did you get that idea? Avast and Eset Nod32 ARE both AV utilities.

Programs such as Search and Destroy and AdAware Personal SE are probably what you are thinking about.

I've always used AVG (free version) since packing up Norton AV about two years ago - it works well for me and everyone else who has taken it up on recommendation.

  Europa 20:41 22 May 2005

After having had problems with Norton Antivirus, I've changed to AVG, that was about 3 years ago. I never had any problems with my antivirus since, never had a virus in my system neither.

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