Can anyone recommend a 24in monitor?

  JRum 10:09 21 Jan 2010


I just ordered a Dell Studio XPS 8100 to replace my old computer, but now also want to upgrade my monitor.

I was about to take the plunge on the Dell U2410, but i really cant justify spending £600 on it when all i use my computer for is games and watching videos.

Can anyone recommend a good 24 inch monitor for £350 or less? Willing to go a little bit higher if the increase in quality is worth the increase in price.

Thanks in advance!

  961 10:45 21 Jan 2010

You'll find a review of BenQ G2411HD at
click here
By the time I got to read the review the next model had arrived G2420HD and I bought from Dabs for just under £150
The quality of the screen is top notch for what I consider to be the best value
It's probably true that if you double the money you'll get better quality or more gizmos but do try this along with any others you review

  hssutton 11:53 21 Jan 2010

I would recommend the HP W2448hc 24" widescreen TFT which can be picked up for a little under £300.

However I would point out I don't do gaming so cannot comment on that aspect. I use the HP mainly for Photoshop work and find it be an excellent monitor.

It has built in calibration software which gives me the equivilent of using my Spyder software which cost in excess of £100

click here

  sunnystaines 14:54 21 Jan 2010

using a samsung t240 excelklent with vista, had to tweak settings for w7,otherwise v.good.

  GaT7 15:23 21 Jan 2010

The E-IPS Dell U2410 is ~£430 delivered from PCBuyIt click here. £445 at eBuyer click here & other online retailers.

There's a TN-based Dell ST2410 for £160 at Dell click here. G

  JRum 16:58 21 Jan 2010

Thank you all for the responses.

Crossbow7 - thanks for finding those. The only other place i checked was Amazon and they've been out of stock for a while.

Only remaining question is if the U2410 is worth the premium?

I've taken a look at the BenQ G2420HD mentioned by 961 and it looks pretty good, especially for that price.

  GaT7 17:34 21 Jan 2010

The U2410 will have better colours, & much better viewing angles. But if these are important to you get a much cheaper TN-based screen.

I'd go for the arguably better quality Dell ST2410 over any BenQ monitor suggested, especially as they are roughly the same price.

Note that the U2410 is a 1920x1200 16:10 ratio monitor (usually better for PC & gaming use), while the ST2410 is a 1920x1080 16:9 (usually better for videos?). G

P.S. I've nothing against BenQ, having recommended them recently click here & click here. Iirc, the ST2410 was ~£50 more at the time. The Dell will be better for a similar price.

  GaT7 17:36 21 Jan 2010

Of course, I meant:

But if these are NOT important to you get a much cheaper TN-based screen. G

  JRum 18:54 21 Jan 2010

Thanks again for your help. I'm probably going to get the U2410 now that i get get it for about £150 cheaper than i thought. Assuming this will work fine with Windows 7 as well.

Thanks again!

  Colin 19:22 21 Jan 2010

AS sunnystaines, I've got a Samsung T240 and I'm very pleased with it. Didn't have any problems with W7 with it, though. However, I don't know if it's still available.

  GaT7 19:56 21 Jan 2010

As I said before, it's ~£430 delivered from PCBuyIt, saving £170. They have excellent warranty terms:

"3 year on-site next business day replacement warranty - direct with Dell UK

All of our Dell monitors are sold with a pixel perfect guarantee for the duration of the warranty period, in the unlikely event your monitor has ANY pixel defect we will arrange for the monitor to be replaced next working day,...."


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