Can anyone answer ISP ????

  ayrmail 11:00 21 Aug 2005

Moving Home, new home has bt line.
Considering going to one-tel for phone and Internet($44 includes $9 line rental).
One-tel says that I need to contact bt to get line connected.
1. They will charge me, yes?(bt not open today to ask)
2. For what, connection and or line rental?
3. Do you then carry on paying line rental to bt?
4. Do I have to then keep bt for a year before moving my phone to one-tel?

It all seems more complicated than I thought, previous moves always been done with same company, cant do that this time telewest not available in new location.
$= cant find how to change keyboard characters sure I did it on other PC but cant remember how.

  johnnyrocker 11:20 21 Aug 2005

to enable one-tel a phone line has first to exist and other than cable companies bt are the only provider, one-tel can take over the service for calls and/or line rental. as you dont say what your operating system is cant help you with the configuration aspect.


  Pooke 11:21 21 Aug 2005

Control panel, then regional and language options. Choose English UK.

As far as I know, you still have to rent the line from BT as they own it. Then all your calls are taken over by one-tel, so you pay them for your calls. Yes you would recieve 2 bills.


  ayrmail 11:36 21 Aug 2005

Not so worried about setting up. Are you saying i would have to stay with BT for a year and then change or can i change straight away(one-tel includes line rental).

Thanks have already changed those settings with no joy, is it different for a laptop?
One-tel says including line rental!
Very confusing.

  Pooke 11:49 21 Aug 2005

shouldn't be any different for laptop.

Either way when you sign up for a bt line (which you have to do anyway) you have to keep bt for 3 months, not one year. You cannot switch your calls etc to anyone else for this period. So you have 3 months to figure it out if it's confusing :p


  Micromagic 04:23 22 Aug 2005

I have been using One Tel package 'Toal UK calls'
for sometime. This package is for all UK natioal and local calls (31, 32, and 03) which become "24/7 free" for a charge of £9.95 a month and optional £1.00 for cheaper foreign calls. I pay line rental to BT which is £10.50. This include a few additional services like, call bar etc. Recently One Tel offered to take over Line Rental at a slightly lower rent than BT.
This One Tel acccount has brought down my previous BT tel bills.
One Tel is recently going through a period of maladministration in their customer services. I hope this is a temporary affair.

  pavvi 07:42 22 Aug 2005

Whether you have to stay a year with BT will depend on a couple of factors. If you have a box and wire connected to the house then you will probably be contracted to keep your line rental with BT for three months. If however, they have to fully install a line you will be contracted, then you will be contracted for a full year. There are better deals than the one you have identified. Onetel's customer services leave a lot to be desired. I dealt with a customer in my shop who couldn't be supplied with broadband, and onetel charged him for it for a full 10 months until they finally admitted that BT hadn't activated the line in the local exchange. It was only when he got Ofcom and a solicitor involved that they agreed to stop charging him for a product they couoldn't supply him with. The customer is still waiting for his money back.

Talktalk for instance is doing 1meg broadband and unlimited calls for 19.99 a month for 3 months followed for the remainder of the 12 months by 26.99, or 19.99 a month including weekend landline calls. The broadband is also unlimited.

There is no additional charge with talktalk for cheaper international calls and if they're not cheaper than BT you get £1000.

  pavvi 07:46 22 Aug 2005

You can take your calls to anyone you like as soona s your line has been activated. You will get all the services that BT provide, so ignore any scare tactics that BT use. They are making £7million a day, so they are desperate to hold on to customers without actually making their deals all that competitive.

  ayrmail 20:02 22 Aug 2005

great replies, very helpful, thanks.

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