Can any one recomend a virus scanner & firewall

  User-542C727C-2405-4C6A-B90945D0C735856F 11:12 29 Jan 2005

I am about to start using a new PC with Windows XP for the first time. As I understand it I will have to install SP2 which has I am told a virus scanner & firewall. Is it any good or should I get a seperate Virus scanner/firewall/anti spyware etc, If so any recommendations. Ive read a lot of reviews and they all seem to contradict each other to a certain extent......very confusing

Thanks for any help dibbly

  JonnyTub 11:22 29 Jan 2005
  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 29 Jan 2005

click here. for free AVG and click here for Zone alarm. Use with click here and you will have more than enough protection. There is absolutely no need for home users to pay for an AV or firewall.


  Belatucadrus 11:57 29 Jan 2005

Not quite true SP2 has a firewall, but no virus scanner. You will need to install one of the AV packages shown in the above links, my preference is avast!. The firewall is good, but flawed as it's one way and only protects from external intrusion. If you've downloaded any nasties, it does nothing to stop them phoning home. So a third party firewall would provide better cover.If you're a non profit home user, then as GANDALF <|:-)> says There is absolutely no need for to pay for an AV or firewall. Business users are quite different, they have to buy the PRO versions.

  Newuser2 17:03 29 Jan 2005

For what its worth I use PcCillin, and always have done, OK you have to pay for it, but as far as I'm concerned its the best, runs with XP SP2 with no probs and updates itself.

  Starfox 17:32 29 Jan 2005

Follow Gandalf's links for AVG anti-virus and Zonealarm.Here is a link to AntiVir which is another anti-virus which some users think is more efficient click here.

Take your pick.No need to pay for these programes.

  citadel 20:13 29 Jan 2005

I use norton av and firewall, it is easy to use and has automatic updates.

  Alan2 21:18 29 Jan 2005

Having had no recent updates using AVG 7.0 FREE I have adopted Avast and find it to be very good (and it too is free). I also use ZoneAlarm Free edition.

  HXP 22:07 29 Jan 2005


I have freebies Zone Alarm & AVG on one old machine and Norton Internet Security suite on the other - both machines alive and kicking so I guess the freebies must be good value.

I also have adaware which I think is a necessity ( & Spybot if you want - both free)

I have got a firewall on my router ( Belkin £49 ) so if anything gets through that lot time to give up i reckon ...

Hope that helps


PS mate of mine went surfing with out of date virus guard and no firewall - lasted about 2 hours machine now fails to boot withan unhandled drive ... maybe a virus ?

  citadel 22:44 29 Jan 2005

When i got my new computer I installed norton av and firewall before connecting to the net, It blocked a trojan within about 30 seconds of being connected. If you want to use a free av and firewall it could be safer to install it from a disc that comes with a computer magazine or you could get a virus before you have time to download the free programs.

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