Can another computer use an activated oem OS

  erkmatrix 13:29 08 Feb 2010


I just wanted to ask someone with more knowledge of oem software, basically I bought XP 64-bit software a year ago and now have windows 7 64-bit. Just wondered if I could put it on ebay with a bit of RAM because of the OEM license. Or as it was activated on my old PC would it not be able to work on someone elses PC. It isn't on my pc anymore of course as it now has windows 7 so, could I sell it or is it now useless.

  2bathred 14:06 08 Feb 2010

The answer as far as MS is concerned is a resounding NO. An OEM is for 1 computer only and when that computer no longer exists then neither does the OS. From your point of view, even though you have upgraded the computer that the OEM was on, the computer,technically, is now defunct. I do not know, however, if the buyer could get round this by telling lies. Why leave yourself open to legal action for a few pounds?, you had a years use out of it.

  erkmatrix 14:10 08 Feb 2010

lol yeah I feared as much, wish I'd of got the retail version now, its sadly was more than a few pounds as it was £90 but you live and you learn , cheers for telling me though and you are right, probably not worth the hassle if the new buyer couldn't get it to work.

  GaT7 15:58 08 Feb 2010

Something for the future perhaps...

I think one is allowed to sell it with the motherboard it was originally installed on & activated. The licence usually only throws up a fuss to re-activate if a different motherboard is installed on a PC that has an activated OEM licence. G

  Forum Editor 22:58 08 Feb 2010

allows the software to be installed on one computer only, and when the computer dies the licence dies. The original activation hash was based on the hardware configuration of your computer, it isn't valid in respect of any other machine.

  erkmatrix 23:15 09 Feb 2010

Cheers for informing me more guys on oems

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