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  alB 13:49 07 Mar 2012

I've decided it's time to upgrade from my Canon A570 compact and I want to move up to a "bridge" camera, I've narrowed my choices down to two, the Canon Powershot SX40 and the Panasonic Lumix FZ150, both are very similar in price and specification, the biggest differences I can see are the Canon has a better zoom, the Panasonic has a bigger screen and a few more built in effects etc, online reviews seem to be pretty much even for both, any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated ...alB

  wee eddie 15:06 07 Mar 2012

I have no idea of the advantages of either of these cameras but, if you are going to take your photography seriously, go for the camera that delivers the best picture.

If you wish to fiddle with that picture then do it on your PC, when you get home, using dedicated Software,

Swiss Army Knives can do almost everything, almost, as well as the real tool for the job.

  caccy 16:49 07 Mar 2012

My wife has a Canon A70 and also a Canon EOS500D. The facilities on both are are so similar that if you are familiar with one then you will be with the other one.

  daz60 20:58 07 Mar 2012

Visit this site both cameras are tested.

I visited this site for a comprehensive review of the NEX 5N i intend to buy.

Then visit a local dealer to get a feel of both cameras.

  john bunyan 21:51 07 Mar 2012

alB If you domt mind I shall watch and wait your replies as I am considering exactly the same two! With a bit of luck, hssutton will comment!!

  john bunyan 21:54 07 Mar 2012

PS just noticed the Canon does not have a RAW option, will check on the Lumix

  john bunyan 21:57 07 Mar 2012

As the Lumix does have the RAW mode, I incline towards it as I have Photoshop CS5 and believe RAW has advantages.

  frybluff 15:33 08 Mar 2012

Both are excellent. As already mentioned, the Lumix will shoot in "RAW", which will be an advantage, if you are intending to get specialist editing software, to give you a lot of editing/enlarging options. Canon, however, have some good "in house" software, if you don't plan to "splash out" on Photoshop, or the like. I don't know what Panasonic's software is like, so may also be very good.

Overall, I would say the Lumix will give more scope to "experiment", if that's what you would like to do.

  interzone55 16:26 08 Mar 2012

One thing to be aware of with bridge cameras is that whilst they have huge zoom lenses, the aperture is quite narrow, so they're not brilliant in low light situations.

I've got a Panasonic DMC-FZ45, and in most situations is a brilliant camera, and I've taken some really nice photographs with it, but last week I was at a bird sanctuary, and because it was overcast I found that the camera just wouldn't take clear images if the lens was zoomed out even slightly.

I'm now saving up for one of these

  alB 17:14 08 Mar 2012

Thanks for all the comments, I've been and had a look at both today at Currys and I have to say they are both very nice cameras, the Canon feels the better of the two for holding but the small screen lets it down and it feels slightly heavier than the Panasonic. I'm going to go and have a chat at Jessops over the weekend and get their opinion of both. I do most of my editing using Photoshop so that's another consideration, also the point alan14 has made about low light situations is one I need to ask about, will report back as soon as ...alB

  rickf 14:58 10 Mar 2012

Have a lumix g2, very pleased with it so far.

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