camcorder questions

  flu 14:32 28 Oct 2004

I have a couple of questions relating to miniDV camcorders :

1. How much free disk space in the PC should I have for 1 hour on the miniDV ? This will include transferring from camcorder to PC, editing and burning to DVD.

2. Is it fine that the laptop I'm transferring files into has a 4-pin firewire connection ? I've read that 6-pin provides extra power so how will this affect transfer onto a 4-pin laptop ?

3. Is the Windows Movie Maker good enough for editing the video ?

4. Can the nero software that came with the dvd writer be used for burning the edited video to blank DVDs ? Will a separate compression software be required ?

Thanks in advance.

  Charence 16:40 28 Oct 2004

100MB should be enough (using 320*640 resolution) for a video recorded from Movie Maker. But for Nero, if you're not going to burn direct to DVD you'll need around 4-5GB of space for the disc image.

How will it affect transfer? I don't know. But a 4 pin will work, that's what I've got.

Movie maker is alright for making videos. If your CPU is at least 1.7GHz you can use MM2 which is meant to be better.

You'll need Nero 6 to burn to a DVD and also the WMA plugin.

It may work better on your laptop, but on mine it is terrible and I have to turn off the video preview and clip making to improve the video. My laptop has 1.1GB Celeron CPU and 512 Ram and uses 4 Pin firewire. If you can manage to transfer the video to your PC without the video pausing, appearing dark or with delay, then please reply in this thread saying so, because I'm not sure whether I should consider installing firewire on a faster computer to transfer my miniDV.


  flu 17:10 28 Oct 2004

I intend to purchase a camcorder next month but will get back to you on the video pausing issue. Thanks for the info.

  Charence 17:32 28 Oct 2004

NB - I've not tried to make a DVD using my Nero software because I've not got a DVD burner, but I have made VCDs using Nero and it was able to recognise the video footage I saved from Movie Maker. I assume that making a VCD is similar to DVD.


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