Camcorder for left hand

  pegangray 13:21 06 Jul 2009

Due to an injury I cannot hold a camcorder in my right hand and I would like to purchase a camcorder that can held and used in the left hand but no one appears to make one. Does any one know where I might obtain one?

Regards Graham (pegangray)

  oldbeefer2 15:39 06 Jul 2009

If you scroll down click here, you'll see it's OK for left or right handed. Bit pricey though!

  pegangray 15:49 06 Jul 2009

Thanks for the reply it looks good but as you say a bit pricey. I think I will have a look at it in a shop and see how it feels! Thanks once again for that info.

all the best


  Pamy 11:57 07 Jul 2009

is it only holding the camcorder by the hand strap that you have dificullty with? You will find that you can support the camcorder with your left Hand through the strap, and (if you can)and operate te buttons with a right hand finger.

  pegangray 13:14 07 Jul 2009

My right arm only moves from the elbow, so I cannot lift to eye level with it (frustrating) but I can usually adapt things to be used. when trying to use camera and lift right arm up with it brings bad camera shake.

  Pamy 13:27 07 Jul 2009

I am sure that the strap could even be adapted to be used more steady with your left arm, but if you cannot raise your right arm in order to operate the buttons then you are left with oldbeefer2 suggestion

  pegangray 13:35 07 Jul 2009

Yes, it looks that way! I will have to save up my pennies and get one. Thank you for your communication.

  oldbeefer2 14:06 07 Jul 2009

Another option would be a camcorder with a remote control (my Sony has one) - hold camera with left hand and operate with the right - lateral thinking!

  pegangray 15:03 07 Jul 2009

Where would I locate a remote control? Any dealer?

  oldbeefer2 15:06 07 Jul 2009

I think those that can use a remote are provided with them from new - mine was.

  pegangray 18:18 07 Jul 2009

Thank you very much for your help much appreciated.

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