Calling all NTL 150Kbps users

  Reporter 11:04 27 May 2003

We have received complaints from several NTL 128Kbps customers who have been 'automatically' upgraded to its 150kbps service, paying an extra £3 a month (the monthly increase was from £14.99 per month to £17.99 per month. They feel they have been bullied into upgrading. If you sign a 12 month contract with a company agreeing to pay £14.99 per month, surely the company must honour that agreement, irrespective of any speed increases.

We're wondering if anyone else has experienced similar treatment.

How did NTL inform you of the price and speed increase?
Did anyone resist the upgrade and, if so, did you encounter any difficulty keeping your monthly payments to the agreed £14.99?

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your feedback.

  March Hare 18:27 27 May 2003

"We have received complaints from several NTL 128Kbps customers......"

Who is (are) "We" in this context? Shouldn't you tell us?

I received notification from NTL of the increases in speed and price by letter in April.

I checked the T & C in my contract, and found the following:
"6.2: We may vary our charges from time to time but will publish any change in our main offices prior to the change taking effect."

Open and shut case then. Can't find any option either to make NTL stick to the old price for the remainder of the minimum 12 month period, or for the customer to terminate the contract early if the price is increased. Mind you, I haven't searched too hard, as it is extremely small print, in pale grey on yellow.

  keith-236785 19:00 27 May 2003

errrrrrr where are the NTL offices
ours in Huddersfield shut down about 12 months ago, so displaying in thier offices doesn`t mean a great deal to me....

i suppose i will have to live with the increase or i could go back to modem (NOT) an option....

looks like they have got me...........
until they put it up again, then they can get lost. i will go back to the free slow 56k connection

  jazzypop 19:13 27 May 2003

"...surely the company must honour that agreement, irrespective of any speed increases..."

I tend to agree with March Hare. Any company that provides a service by monthly subscription will surely include a clause allowing them to vary the level of service, and/or their charges for the service.

If Sky decided to increase their monthly subscription fee, they presumably simply need to notify you in advance, according to the contract that you sign with them. If they choose to 'sweeten the pill' by offering a few more channels for the additional cost, that is their choice. I don't see how you could argue - "I paid for X amount of channels at Y cost - keep my fees and channels at the level they were when I took out the service".

Ditto for BT's monthly charge vs cost per call, and many other similar analogies.

NTL have increased the monthly fee for the service by about 20%, and sweetened the pill by upping the speed by about 20%.

Phrases such as "bullied into upgrading" is just the sort of emotional nonsense that FE tries to dissuade forum members from using when complaining about the treatment they receive from companies.

I trust that you are not a 'reporter' from PCA?

  PC Advisor. 10:05 28 May 2003

Sorry folks - we should have pointed out that we are indeed PC Advisor.

Apologies for not pointing this out.

  jon2 10:36 28 May 2003

nothing new in NTL, promise all sorts of things but forget to tell you about all the hidden things, like there 4p call conection charge that you do not get any talk time for, and there contract is such small print that even with a magnifying glass its very hard to read.Mind you this seems to be the way lots of firms sell these days so NTL are not on there own.Not that thats an exscuse.

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