bying which laptop (brand)?

  KOSTAS 20:56 04 Dec 2003

i am planning to buy a laptop .
prepared to pay about £1300.
any suggestions please on what brand should i choose ?
sony ? dell? compaq/hp?
talking about reliability of the machines and the company's as well, regarding the post-sales service and technical support.

there is a laptop DELL inspiron 500m
anyone has any experience with this ?

  aann 22:00 04 Dec 2003

I am asking the same ??? So is there any HElp out there.

  anchor 15:39 08 Dec 2003

I would suggest you also consider Toshiba. Excellent machines, with a wonderful support site for updating drivers, bios, etc.

Two years warranty when you buy from John Lewis.

  Kong 16:08 08 Dec 2003

Just ordered Evesham AMD 2400+ Mobile laptop with 512Mb RAM, 40 Gb HDD, combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW, 15 inch TFT screen and comes with a 3 year warranty (1 year on site) all for £838 (delivered and inc Vat.)
Evesham reputation for support is second to none.

Check it out.

  Sir Radfordin 17:26 08 Dec 2003

Sony, Dell, Samsung are all makes I've bought and used over the last year and been very happy with.

Technoworld click here seem to have some of the most competitive prices and very good customer service.

  livewire 17:31 08 Dec 2003

Try Evesham, I have just brought my laptop for christmas through evesham and they are excellent.

  Inigo 20:03 08 Dec 2003

*points to Apple's website, and their lightweight, reliable, easy-to-use computers, and their massive, helpful Apple community...*

Only problem is price. But after buying a Time laptop-brick, which has been down 1 day in 12, I'm now willing to pay the extra for the 12" PowerBook and not having to worry as much about problems...

Prices start at £850 for a 800MHz G4 iBook, 30GB HD, CDRW/DVD, 12" TFT. Decent, non-shared graphics memory too.

click here (iBook), click here (PowerBook)

  anchor 08:26 09 Dec 2003

It seems that Toshiba notebooks are only available from their retail stores. They are listed here:

click here

  Esso43 09:21 09 Dec 2003

Writing this on a DELL Inspiron 8200 bought over 18 months ago to run my business on and it has been reliable and does what dell said it would.

The power pack failed about 9 months ago and after two phone calls a new one was with me the next working day (as per warranty contract) and overall Dell were very helpful.

I have been so impressed with the hardware that I am considering getting a dell desktop when I upgrade.

  Stuartli 09:02 10 Dec 2003

The majority of laptops are rebadged - you need to find out who makes them (most likely a Taiwanese manufacturer) and who rebadges them.

After that you can probably work out which is the lowest cost version with the best warranty.

But Toshiba, as stated above, are first class - my daughter's Satellite model came with a three year warranty.

  StephShadow 10:26 10 Dec 2003

Just bought one from PC World after people here recommended I go to them. Also learned to take the battery out completely as I use it on mains power at home - simple, obvious, but I could've ruined the battery if no-one had mentioned it. And believe it or not, you can negotiate with PCW if you know what you want (extra software, the price of a warranty from elsewhere etc..). I'm a convert to PCW - 5 years warranty in total, inc accidental damage. You can't argue with it.

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